March 2021 Update Preview

Update is Monday, March 1st at 3pm EST (UTC -5)


April Fundraiser Auction 

We are relocating to a larger workshop soon, and the move will be expensive. In order to fund this expansion Eric is auctioning some of his personal collection on the Marketplace. Items will be listed and available for preview by March 24th. The week-long event will begin concurrent with the April 5th update.


April Update Preview

Our next update will be Monday, April 5th. Our goals for that update include:


March Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Ryan Droege for winning our March 2021 giveaway! Ryan won a free copy of the Spy Puzzle by Alexander Magyarics.

Every month we choose a random member of our newsletter to receive a free puzzle. If you'd like to join, just drop your email address in the box on the lower right of any page on the site.


March Sticker

This month's sticker was designed by our in-house creative genius Kenny Wical. The sticker shows longtime CD shop manager Steve shredding his best air-guitar chops with a leftover chunk of walnut. Steve is the unsung hero largely responsible for the quality of our work, and he also plays a mean set of drums.  



Important Note - Care, Storage and Display

Our work is handcrafted to very precise tolerances and must be kept within the range of 40-60% relative humidity at all times. Failure to do so may cause inoperability or permanent damage.

Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation. We recommend an occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.


Now, on to the Puzzles....

 MultiBall Puzzle Box

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Quartersawn Walnut and Zebrawood
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $215
SIZE: 3"

MultiBall is a difficult Puzzle Box! Four stainless bearings trapped behind a window are blocking the way - how will you deal with them? Panels slide, pins drop, yet MultiBall remains stubbornly closed. Originally designed with a single solution, a second more laborious methodology was discovered after release. Learning each method is a challenge, so I left the design as-is. Can you find them both?

This batch of MultiBall was constructed with Quartersawn Walnut and Zebrawood, both very stable yet complementary choices. We added cross-grain internal panels to resist movement and notches, allowing the lid to open wider. To compensate for dry shop conditions, we cut the moving panels 0.015" undersize to allow movement in more humid conditions.

Approximately 130 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. MultiBall ships in an unsolved configuration.





BurrBon Interlocking Puzzle

DESIGNER: Tim Alkema
MATERIAL: Lacewood and Morado
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $110
SIZE: 3"

BurrBon is an utterly unique Interlocking Burr Puzzle. What could be better than a six-piece burr? How about a six-piece burr inside another six-piece burr? There are several ways to build the inner and out burrs separately, but only one possible configuration assembles them together. The interaction between inner and outer pieces is what makes this an extraordinarily difficult puzzle.

The construction of BurrBon required just the right balance of tolerances to allow the inner burr to move smoothly. The simplicity of the pieces does not sufficiently reflect how much trial and error went into making it. The end result is sublime, with the dense and heavy internal Morado pieces floating into place inside the beautiful outer Lacewood.

Approximately 85 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. BurrBon ships partially assembled in an unsolved configuration.





Fano Blocks Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Brendan Perez
MATERIAL: Quartersawn Sycamore and Sapelle (box)
Leopardwood, Limba, Rosewood, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Holly, Yellowheart (pieces)
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $115
SIZE: 3" x 3" x 2.45"

The goal of Fano Blocks is to pack seven pairs of identical rectangular pieces flush into the box. These aren't just any pieces, however! They possess unique properties: any two distinct blocks share precisely one edge length in common and any set of two specific edge lengths are held by two identical blocks. The resulting number of edge-matching combinations creates a complicated problem. Finding even one of the eight possible solutions is an accomplishment.

Named after the Fano plane (the smallest finite projective plane with seven elements), this is an excellent puzzle for anyone into mathematics.

We used an extraordinary batch of Quartersawn Sycamore to make the boxes. By matching color throughout the process, we isolated gold-toned, two-toned, and a few strikingly white boxes. The bottom panel is solid Sapele floated in notches to allow for expansion. The seven-piece pairs are made from Leopardwood, Limba, Rosewood, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Holly, and Yellowheart.

Approximately 85 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Fano Blocks ships assembled in an unsolved configuration.


Spy Interlocking Puzzle

DESIGNER: Alexander Magyarics
MATERIAL: Figured Maple (box)
Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Chechen (pieces)
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $99
SIZE: 3"

Spy is an Interlocking Puzzle with a secret. Four Purpleheart and Yellowheart pieces packed into a Figured Maple container...simple, right? Perhaps a closer look is in order. With a level solution, Spy is definitely hiding something! Even disassembly is a difficult task.

With sturdy shouldered box construction and burr pieces milled from solid exotic wood, Spy looks great when disassembled and even better when solved. Tolerances allow for smooth movement while ensuring a stable final assembly.

Approximately 85 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Spy ships assembled.




SingleHex Puzzle Box

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller / Matt Dawson
MATERIAL: Maple and Goncalo Alves
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $125
SIZE: 2"

SingleHex is a small one-off batch of surplus Puzzle Boxes from the original production run of HexTrios; itself an expanded version of Matt's original HexDuos concept. It is a moderately tricky box that displays well and is fun to explore.

HexDuos was the original concept, with both boxes in the pair operating the same. Once you solve either, you know how to open the other. HexTrios copied that base mechanism for one box, then expanded upon it for the other two, resulting in three similar but distinct challenges. SingleHex is the easier of the expanded upon mechanisms, so a bit trickier than the original HexDuos but more manageable than the most difficult HexTrios box.

Construction is excellent, with the same fit and finish as the original HexTrios release. The added "puck" created in place of the corresponding boxes uses a nice contrast and really pops.

Approximately 20 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. SingleHex ships assembled in an unsolved configuration.





Tube It In Assembly Puzzle

DESIGNER: Wil Strijbos
RELEASE DATE: 3.1.2021
PRICE: $119
SIZE: 2" x 1.375" x 1.5"

Tube It In is a classic Assembly Puzzle by Wil Strijbos. The solution involves packing small rectangular pieces inside each other - an original and fun idea that remains unique. Wil's original design in metal used different wall thicknesses...our laborious redesign with uniform thickness is proprietary to Cubicdissection. Tube It In is moderately tricky, with many collectors reporting multiple solves just for the fun of it.

Tube It In's construction is painstaking. Each piece is strengthened with shouldered edge joinery, then beveled on all faces - a tricky task with such small components. This release offers an outer box in either Bubinga or Shedua, with Maple, Zebrawood, Padauk, Canarywood, Honduran Mahogany, Cherry, Purpleheart, Marblewood, Wenge, Peruvian Walnut, Limba, White Oak and Leopardwood internal pieces.

Approximately 90 copies are available. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Tube It In ships assembled.




March 2021 Update Preview