Production and Release Schedule

New work is released at 3 PM Eastern US time on the first Tuesday of every month, unless it falls on or near a holiday, in which case the amended date will be published below.

Designs are subject to change depending on production variables and whether I get more excited about making another design.

Customers may choose to ship orders immediately or have them held for combined shipping with a future order; this choice is available during the checkout process.

NEXT RELEASE: August 6th, 3 PM

  • Improved Cam Box by Eric Fuller
  • Missing Notch Interlocking Puzzle by Stewart Coffin
  • Ball Bearing Burr by Bill Cutler
  • Berro Skull by Jerry Loo (pic1, pic2)
  • Harun by Dr. Volker Lattusek (pic1, pic2)

September 3rd, 3 PM

  • Escalating Box by Eric Fuller
  • Split Maze Burr by Derek Bosch (second edition)
  • Tube It In by Wil Strijbos
  • TIC Puzzles (to be determined) by Andrew Crowell
  • Secret Agent Puzzle Box by Eric Fuller
  • Logical Progression by Rick Eason (second and final release)

October 1st, 3 PM

  • Death Box by Eric Fuller
  • 205 Minutes by Aleksandr Leontev
  • Oskars Matchboxes by Oskar van Deventer
  • Somassault by Haym Hirsh