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A great place to start is by taking a quick tour through a few of our favorite puzzle communities. Puzzle collectors are a very friendly bunch!

Below you will find a brief introduction guide to mechanical puzzles, as well as a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding CubicDissection's products and process.


What are mechanical puzzles?

Mechanical puzzles are hand-held objects presented as a set of physically interlinked pieces. Solving them involves achieving a specific goal by manipulation of the parts.

How many kinds of mechanical puzzles are there?

There are several categories of mechanical puzzles, including assembly and packing puzzles, dissassembly and take-apart puzzles, interlocking puzzles, puzzle locks and trick locks, maze and sequential movement puzzles, and sequential discovery puzzles. Each of these styles of mechanical puzzle presents a different challenge and requires a different method of solving. You can explore more info about the different types of mechanical puzzles here.

How are the puzzles made?

Our puzzles are precision crafted in small batches to exacting standards. Over time Eric has developed proprietary techniques to improve precision and efficiency, allowing Cubicdissection to scale and become the world's premier source for high-end mechanical puzzles. No other puzzle maker achieves our level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and value. Please check out our blog post about “Why I Started Making Puzzles”.

Are these puzzles suitable for kids?

All of our products are created for adult collectors of mechanical puzzles. Due to the delicate nature of the material, the complexity of our puzzles, and the precision that goes into creating them, our products are not suitable for children.

Do the puzzles come with instructions and/or solutions?

Our puzzles do not come included with instructions or solutions. We feel that part of what we sell is the puzzle's physical object, but the other part is the "ah-ha" feeling you get from solving it. Supplying the solution would be doing our customers a disservice since the temptation to peek is hard to resist, and most of our customers have come to expect the excitement of solving a puzzle on their own as integral to the CubicDissection experience.

However, as a last result, we are happy to provide solutions by request. Please reach out to our customer service team at with information on the exact puzzle you’d like a solution for.

Please note that we are unable to provide solutions for puzzles purchased elsewhere.

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