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surround this

Very clever puzzle in the same series as Copy Of Three Cubes, Four Cubes Puzzle, and Five Cubes. Surrounding the sole cube with the other six pieces will do just that. Constructing the solution on a glass coffee table, even if you looked up at it from underneath (Danny Kaye reference withheld) the single cube will be completely surrounded, covered, and unseen.

Twelve straight twelve twisted

Nice goin Eric all very good indeed!

My review

My review on surround.  It’s my first puzzle made by, Eric.  First thought.  “ kinda small”   After playing with it for a while I began to enjoy the size.  Craftsmanship is great. The two woods work well with each other.   Be safe guys. The worlds falling apart. Happy aloha Friday.  Or whatever day you read this on. Rev

Reticulated Cubes

Stunning craftsmanship in this heirloom quality piece. The difficulty is exactly right to provide an enjoyable challenge while handling a gorgeous piece made from beautiful exotic woods. A showstopper.

Are you Chicken?

The Chicken Puzzle is a wonderfully made, interlocking Burr puzzle. If you don't like challenging puzzles this is not for you.
I would say this is a level 7-8/10 in difficulty.(using some of Brian youngs and Juno Burr puzzles as the standard of difficulty. Very happy with this puzzle, even the droppings?

Beautiful Puzzle that will keep you busy!

I haven’t solved this one yet but it’s right in line with the amazing quality Eric and his team always offer.
This one has kept me perplexed for a while now, but the fit of the pieces is SUPER satisfying.

Also, bonus. This puzzle smells great!

Great puzzle! Not too difficult but still a good challenge

This was a fun one. Great one for beginner to intermediate puzzlers.

205 Minutes

205 Minutes

The hardest TIC? I hope so!

This puzzle has three levels of difficulty. Level 1 is not so easy. This version has the most pieces (8) and eventually I resorted to BurrTools (no rotations). Level 2 goes down to 6 pieces but thankfully involves only one rotation. I attempted level 3 (6 pieces) but was never able to get anywhere on it. One of the pieces forms a loop, which draws fear in the eyes of any solver when you see where it has to go.

Fast forward two years. Stuck at home in the pandemic I gave this another whirl. Solved 1 again, but on 2 I broke a piece. After gluing it I decided to give 3 a whirl. Fearing another breakage, I looked online and found a beautiful solution video by "eriban". Using the video, I solved the puzzle, but I doubt I could have done it without help.

Awesome and Bonkers at the same time!

I'm bowled over by the stunning quality, superb craftsmanship and sheer bonkers-ness of this puzzle. Eric is literally the only cat crazy enough to make this a reality - superb job, sir! I salute you... yet again!

Four cubes puzzle by Kohno Ichiro

Another great design by master Ichiro!!
Looking forward to taking the five cubes challenge...
Shipping costs to Spain are painful... but quality worths the high cost

Clever delight

I must admit that i dont own this brass version but was able to obtain a wooden version from a past IPP. You think "its so easy" but then WHERE DOES THE 7TH PIECE GO!?!? Youll be shocked and amazed as the aha moment rocks your socks and youll marvel in delight at the exceptional work of the "Brass Monkey" teams metal work. Highly recommend.

Its unfortunate that its sold out....

Because this is one of the most satisfying and gorgeous completed puzzles ive ever seen. There is something just so darn elegant about it. I hope we never stop seeing designs from the brilliant Ichiro, and i hope Eric never stops making them.

Reticulated Cubes

Fantastic puzzle. I’ve been wanting one of these for years, not exactly this, but some of the many in Lee Sallows book of magic square variants. I don’t think this version is in the book, but it is better than I could possibly hope for - beautifully made (of course, it’s by Eric Fuller who only makes beautiful puzzles), very well constructed, the pieces fit together very well, smoothly and solidly. I’ve only solved a few of the cubes so far (it just came), and not attacked the real puzzle yet, laying the pieces out correctly. But this is a puzzle not to be missed!

Three Cubes Puzzle

Three Cubes Puzzle

They just keep coming and they just keep being fun

Its hard not to find joy in the newest addition to this series of magnetic puzzles. Satisfying, fun to fiddle with, good to pass around to friends and family. Cant go wrong with these.

Very pleased

Fast delivery, well made puzzle

Three cubes puzzle

Cubic Dissection makes high quality attractive puzzles. Similar to my previous purchase, everything fit perfectly when assembled.

Great for your non puzzling loved ones and friends

If you puzzle, this is more a novelty. But maybe you can torture your friends family and co workers with it. High quality, piece of history, with a little added bonus "puzzle" before you can actually tackle the lock.

Very fun and one more different solution

There is actually one more solution, but it does not use the magnets and it is not self supporting. But it covers the cube entirely!

it won'take you 205 minutes to read this review

When I saw the description of the 205 minutes with 12 000 + movements I knew that was a puzzle I should buy and try to solve. At first Since I've never done a n-ary puzzle before I thought well i'll play with this one a little and then come back at him when i'll have more experience with this king of puzzle.

I was so wrong! I just played a bit with it and then I was totally into it and solved it. It's not that difficult to solve but it's tedious. It takes time and losing track of your progress can be easy but it's so enjoyable to play with this masterpiece. Everything moves very well and the weight and size is just perfect for my hands.

If you don't own it yet just buy it no matter the price.

Oskar matchboxes

Very well made. When fully assembled, all of the pieces fit perfectly.
The wood was also very attractive for display.

Just an awesome item to behold

It’s not a puzzle, it’s more like a brain teaser or an impossible object. It's a substantial, elegant item to hold and play with, carefully machined with a simple but clever trick. Playing with it makes me grin.