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Wonderful puzzle

This one is love at first touch. The balls provide such nice locking of the whole thing. Perfect fit of all pieces and a good level of difficulty.

Excellent combination of multiple mechanisms

This box is very well crafted and nice to look at, especially with the Bocote lids, but also great fun to solve. It starts off easy with some moves that are not uncommon to Eric's boxes, and then quickly gets more complicated. Some parts of the mechanisms give visual clues about how to solve them, but then there are other parts making strange sounds and giving various feedback to the solver. A great combination of mechanisms not too easy, but it can be solved, and probably my favourite of the recent box releases.

This box is suitable for beginners to explore the use of gravity and sound to switch. For me, this box has a place that I was initially confused, that is, the two sides of the board (short side) are movable. How is the way of the long side of the box fixed?

Great service and a tough puzzle

As always, I order with complete confidence from Eric. I know the puzzles will be well packed for safe delivery and the product will be very high quality. This was the case this time. I’ve still not managed to reassemble the bloody thing but I expected it to take me weeks if not months! Thanks mate!

Clever and fun

Very well made, as always. A tricky little challenge. I can see why it received attention at 2018 ipp.

Oooooh, tricky

Well made as always, this box is small enough to take with you and sturdy enough not to worry about it. I pushed and poked and prodded and twisted and turned to no avail before finally stumbling on the solution. Not as difficult as Small Box One from my perspective, but still very worthwhile. I'll be stalking this site every month to catch the new Small Boxes as they are released. A great value. Recommended.

Small, intriguing, rewarding

Beautifully made, as always, this box is small enough to take with you. Very satisfying to handle and explore, and tricky enough to keep you guessing for a while. I found it more challenging than Small Box Two, but of course difficulty is a very individual judgment.

Very worth the price. The mechanism is clever and effective.

Great puzzle!

Excellent puzzle, beautifully made in 5 woods. Harder to assemble than disassemble.

Super fun pocket puzzle

I love UNIQUE puzzles. I love unique puzzles that are a ton of fun. I love unique fun puzzles that snap together in the most satisfying ways. Wish I could find a puzzle like that. Oh wait, I can. It's this one.

Gorgeous and very fun

Title says it all. The woods used are stunning, and how can you not love a multi step box? Having so many tricks up its sleeve makes this one you must have in your collection.

HOURS of enjoyment

So many set ups. So much fun. Replayable to the max. Worth every penny. This is a puzzlers puzzle. Its hard to find a puzzle with the level of value you get from this one with how much time you could sink into it. The higher level setups get very tricky and interesting as well.

The best version of an amazing puzzle

Casino is a fantastic packing puzzles and of all the versions made, this is hands down the best and more beautiful.


Excellent craftmanship. Excellent communication. Happy customer

My first neutral review of a CD puzzle

Amazing puzzle. Beautiful and fun and trickier than you think. But unfortunately because of its form, it is highly subject to breakage. Its easy to drop the piece and when you do, theres a good chance you'll snap a tip. I've snapped 2 already :( the collector in me hurts whenever something breaks. I love the puzzle, I dont like puzzles that are so fragile. But dont let me deter you! If you want an awesome star burr, this one is fantastic as far as puzzle goes!!

Ummmm..... something to do with magnets?

Don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away. It is immediately clear that the “top” and “bottom” are removable, and then (yet again)....... nothing, well almost nothing. I can see how it’s held together, but it must have been birthed fully formed from the earth as I don’t see how you could have made the thing!

Beautiful Puzzle (if only I could solve it)

Great feel, great look - the solution is probably great as well, if only I could find it. It seems like it is going to be easy, with a few obvious moves to start and a few more moves ahead, and then..... nothing. Grrrrrr... it will make the “a-ha” all the more pleasurable.

Finally Solved a Fuller!

Yet again, he has brought us an excellent box with which to play. Excellent make - Perhaps not as difficult as Topless or Cam (I say this because I still haven’t solved them lol).

As always, this is a puzzle box well worth buying!

Eric Fuller's Escalating Puzzle Box

The Escalating Puzzle Box by Eric Fuller is a beautiful, hand made puzzle that will puzzle you for hours to days. Recommend this puzzle 100 %. Thanks Eric.

Amazing Puzzle!

Reviews on excellent puzzles such as Escalating are difficult because you don't want to give it away. All I can say is that this puzzle is VERY satisfying and so worth it. The whole time I was thinking 'how does someone even come up with this??'

You Cam do it, too!

Yes, a great head-scratcher. The clue seemed ambiguous at first, then -- AHA! -- it made perfect sense.

What a fun interlocking puzzle.

The Kaon Interlocking Puzzle is just plane fun. Some dexterity, both hand and mental, is needed to assemble this clever interlocking puzzle. When assembled, the six beautifully machined "sticks" turn into a beautiful work of art. Thanks for the fun Duane Einfeld, and thanks Eric for the great craftsmanship in bringing this beautiful puzzle to life.

Gorgeous Box

I know this may sound weird, but one of the best parts about this box is the smell. That natural wood smell left my office smelling amazing for weeks. The top to this Bocote box is incredible. Top notch as always and a very tricky puzzle to solve!

Escalating Puzzle Box

This puzzle is beautifully made. I wish I had the money to buy ever model that was made. I cant wait for the next set of puzzles. I would highly recommend this puzzle.

A simple, elegant puzzle beautifully crafted

Tube It In is a quick little puzzle but I find myself going back to it a lot since I bought it. The solve is really satisfying and all the pieces are unique but fit VERY tightly together. Being only 2 inches at the longest side, these 14 small pieces are proof that this was made by a master craftsmen.

Expert Craftsmanship

I recently bought the Tube It In puzzle and was astonished at the level of craftsmanship especially on the tiny pieces, it's incredible even by Cubic Dissection standards. I can't recommend the Team over at CD enough, their work is world class and you'll never go wrong with anything they offer.

Thanks for all your hard work!