About Cubicdissection

Cubicdissection.com was created by Eric Fuller in late 2002 to display his fledgling puzzle collection. In those days, there were few puzzle makers, and new puzzles were hard to find. In 2003, frustrated by the inability to grow his collection, Eric decided to try his hand at woodworking.

His original "workshop" was a hand saw and chisel on his kitchen table. After a few failed attempts he was making basic burr puzzles for his own collection. Eric quickly improved, and he began trading with other collectors. By 2004 he was selling his work on Cubicdissection.com and crafting full time in his workshop.

Eric was fortunate to strike up early friendships with such artists as Lee Krasnow, Tom Lensch, Perry McDaniel, Robert Yarger (Stickman), Wayne Daniel, and many others. Paired with his obsession for quality, this mentoring allowed Eric to quickly join the top ranks of puzzle artists.  

 Over time Eric has developed proprietary techniques to improve precision and efficiency, allowing Cubicdissection to scale and become the world's premier source for high-end mechanical puzzles. No other puzzle maker achieves our level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and value. 

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