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Caring for Wood Puzzles

We know you care about your puzzles and have invested a great deal of time and effort in building your collection. Cubicdissection puzzles are precision crafted to extremely tight tolerances, and can be damaged by improper storage. Wood is a natural material and can change both in color and dimension when exposed to variable conditions. To ensure long life and proper functioning, please consider the following:

Exposure to Light

Minimize the exposure to sources of UV light, especially long time exposure to direct sunlight. Many woods darken when exposed to sunlight. Too much exposure can diminish the vibrant colors of some exotic woods. Puzzles should not be stored in a location where they are exposed to direct sunlight; UV resistant glass should be considered for display cabinets.

Moisture Content

Wood is a hygroscopic material, meaning it responds to changes in atmospheric humidity. Wood is dried to approximately 7%-12% moisture content before being crafted into puzzles. Changes in humidity can cause wood to shrink in dry environments or swell in humid environments; extreme changes can cause puzzles to cease functioning properly. We recommend a controlled indoor environment for puzzle storage, and can not guarantee proper functioning in other environments. Never expose wood puzzles to steam from a humidifier or vaporizer.


Keep puzzles away from direct exposure to heat sources. Exposure to heat tends to dry out the wood rapidly, and may cause the puzzle to warp as well as shrink. It is best to keep the puzzles at a constant, moderate temperature, minimizing the number of cycles of hot and cold.


Occasionally, application of a high quality wax (Renaissance wax) can restore and/or preserve the beauty of a puzzle, as well as keep the sliding surfaces moving smoothly.

For optimal safekeeping, store the puzzle in a sealed zip-lock type bag when not on display.