August 2021 Update Preview

New Puzzles Available!

Our new work will be released tomorrow, Monday, August 2nd at 3 pm EST (UTC -5) on the Newly Released page.
  • Boxy Packing puzzle by László Molnár
  • Pack Six Packing Puzzle by Eric Fuller
  • Half Lid Box Packing Puzzle by Hajime Katsumoto
  • Grooved Three Piece Board Burr by Kouki Kusumi
  • 4L Packing Puzzle by Yasuhiro Hashimoto
  • "Nope" Puzzle Box by Eric Fuller
  • "Portal" Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box by Dee Dixon
  • Machinist's Stash (Fire Plug) Puzzle Box by Marcel Gillen, produced by Andriy "BRUNS"
Please scroll down for detailed information and photos of the new designs.

Upcoming Marketplace Event 

The next Marketplace event will begin on Sunday, August 22nd. The listing form is open and new listings are immediately posted to the site. List your items early for better exposure!

Facility Move 

We have completed our facility move to a larger location. Our new shop has a lot more space and better climate control in the workshop; this will help us avoid issues due to wood movement mid-production! We still have much settling in to do before we're up to full productivity, but we anticipate attractive new offerings in September.

September Update Preview

Our next update will be Monday, September 13th. Our goals for that update include:

  • Soma Interlocking Burr by Rod Bogart
  • Anti-Gravity Box Packing Puzzle by Frederic Boucher
  • Exhaust Interlocking Puzzle by Emil Askerli
  • Aluminum version of Titan by Felix Ure
  • More TBD...  

August Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Angelo Brown for winning our August 2021 giveaway! Angelo won a free copy of Grooved Three Piece Board Burr by Kouki Kusumi.

Every month we choose a random member of our newsletter to receive a free puzzle. If you'd like to join, drop your email address in the box on the lower right of any page on the site.

August Sticker

Our own Kenny Wical designed this month's sticker. We decided to make an Oregon Trail throwback to reference our recent facility move.



Important Note - Care, Storage and Display

Our work is handcrafted to very precise tolerances and must be kept within the range of 40-60% relative humidity at all times. Failure to do so may cause inoperability or permanent damage.

Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation. We recommend occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.


Now, on to the Puzzles....



Boxy Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: László Molnár
MATERIAL: Walnut, Schedua, Paduak, Yellowheart box, and Quartersawn Sycamore pieces
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
EDITION: 61 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.3" x 2.8" x 3.5"

Boxy by László Molnár is a unique packing puzzle concept. You must pack the five simple pieces into a clever box with a rotating and connected top/bottom panel. Joined by a dowel, the top and bottom move together and therefore limit access to the interior. As the box fills with pieces, the movement of the lid is increasingly restricted. Despite multiple possible configurations, you can assemble only one in a particular order. Boxy is a fun, challenging puzzle.

I'm thrilled with how this puzzle turned out. The box top and bottom are crafted from highly figured Schedua and joined by a solid Paduak dowel reinforced by a full-length yellowheart spline. The result looks impressive, and we put maximum effort into fit and finish. I feel that Boxy is some of our better work.

61 copies are available, priced at $129. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Boxy ships in an unsolved configuration.





Pack Six Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Figured Maple and Sycamore Box with Iroko, Chechen, Shedua, Wenge, Chakte Viga, Purpleheart pieces
RELEASE DATE:  8.2.2021
SIZE: 3.625" (9.20 cm)

Pack Six was designed by Eric Fuller back in 2003. This six-piece Packing Puzzle is deceptively looks easy. Yet when most try to solve it, they are engaged quite a bit longer than expected. Just when you think you have it assembled that last block is in the wrong place. Piece analysis only gets you so far, making Pack Six an enjoyable challenge for both experienced and newer collectors.

Pack Six is very well constructed with a precisely crafted Figured Maple tray featuring shouldered joinery and a free-floating Sycamore bottom. The pieces are made from  Iroko, Chechen, Shedua, Wenge, Chakte Viga, and Purpleheart.

Zen Puzzler blog review; Puzzled Wolf video review.

47 copies are available for this release, priced at $75. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Pack Six ships in a solved configuration.





Half Lid Box Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Hajime Katsumoto
MATERIAL: Quartersawn Sapele and Wenge Box with Figured Maple Pieces
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
SIZE: 2.7" x 1.8" (6.86 x 4.57cm)

The Half Lid Box Packing Puzzle seems easy; pack the five pieces flush into the box. This simple task is made difficult by a sliding cover that blocks half of the box's opening. Since the interior is three units wide, the blocking slider necessitates rotational moves, which complicates assembly.

Box construction is sturdy, crafted from Quartersawn Sapele with shouldered edges. The sliding Wenge lid panel is precisely fitted to move easily. 

The Metagrobologist Half Lid Box Review

56 copies are available for this release, priced at $75. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Half Lid Box ships in an unsolved configuration.






Grooved Three Piece Board Burr Interlocking Puzzle

DESIGNER: Kouki Kusumi
MATERIAL: Morado or Maple, Wenge, and Zebrawood
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
EDITION: 73 Copies Released
SIZE: 3"

The Grooved Three Piece Burr by Kouki Kusumi won an honorable mention in the 2020 IPP Design Competition. This fascinating assembly has three identical pieces yet only one solution. Despite their similarity, the pieces interact uniquely to assemble into the traditional board burr shape. With a level 8.2 solution, this puzzle is approachable yet fun for all experience levels.

73 copies are available, priced at $65. Each puzzle is signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.




"Nope" Puzzle Box

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Morado or Chechen and Quartersawn Sycamore
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
EDITION: 91 Copies Released
SIZE: 2" square

Nope Box is an entertaining little puzzle box with sequential discovery style elements. Despite its moderate difficulty, the solution sequence is a fun to discover and satisfying to repeat. The will make sense when you start to solve'll think you got it, but you're not there quite yet!

This edition of Nope Box has been slightly redesigned to improve production flow, but the solution is substantially similar to the initial release. Please note that this puzzle requires no force to solve, and that excessive force could damage its precision-cut panels. No spinning, banging or shaking is necessary.

91 Copies are available, priced at $119. Each puzzle is signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.





4L Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Yasuhiro Hashimoto
MATERIAL: Walnut, Leopardwood, and Acrylic
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
EDITION: 95 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.4"

Back by popular demand, 4L is one of our favorite designs. This diabolical packing puzzle seems simple, yet the solution is anything but - 4L is FAR trickier than it looks. The goal is to pack the four L-shaped pieces into a very simple box. There are two different types of L pieces (fat and thin) and several possible configurations. The solution is creative and devious and earned Mr. Hashimoto an honorable mention at IPP 2015,

95 copies are available, priced at $99. Each puzzle is dated. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.

Puzzle Mad wrote an excellent blog review of this packing puzzle.





"Portal" Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box

MATERIAL: African Striped Mahogany, Monkeypod, Wenge
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
SIZE: 6" x 4" x 3" (15.24 x 10.16 x 7.62cm)

Portal is Dee Dixon's celebrated Sequential Discovery Puzzle Box. Dee's earlier works like Where's My Hammer and Space Case have been very well received by the puzzle community. Portal carries on Dee's tradition of innovation and excellence. This is the second release of this box, which is handcrafted in small batches.

Five Sinatra's review does a great job describing Portal:

"This newest creation moves away from some of Space Case's more blind aspects, providing ample direction and feedback from start to finish while preserving some of the best aspects of such semi-hidden mechanisms. The box's aesthetic shares some similarities with Space Case, featuring shapes on its sides whose possible purpose must be determined. However, its puzzling is quite different and, I think, more playful. Portal features some really cool design details that had me smiling appreciatively after I reached the end and realized the nature of the path he takes us on; the puzzle gives WMH a run for its money..."

26 copies of Portal are available, priced at $359. Each puzzle is signed and dated. Portal ships in an unsolved configuration.





Machinist's Stash Puzzle Box

DESIGNER: Marcel Gillen
MATERIAL: Aluminum and Brass
RELEASE DATE: 8.2.2021
EDITION: 75 Copies Released
SIZE: 3.75" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Machinist's Stash is Andriy Bruns' reinterpretation of Marcel Gillen's excellent "Fire Plug" Puzzle. This puzzle box is handcrafted under license in small batches by Andriy in his Ukraine workshop. The tolerances and attention to detail are outstanding, earning Machinist's Stash a solid place on any collector's shelf. You will not solve this tricky puzzle with casual fiddling; you'll need to analyze and focus to solve the mechanism and reveal the secret compartment.

We have been fortunate to obtain roughly 75 copies of this excellent and long-discontinued puzzle, priced at $129. Machinist's Stash ships in an unsolved configuration.



August 2021 Update Preview