Updates to Scheduled Production

The Upcoming Work section has been updated with a lot of changes:

  • 205 Minutes required extensive design work to scale relative to available hardware and will require more prototyping. Pushed to December Release.
  • Box ideas keep coming to me; Lift Box, Small Box #5 and Small Box #6 are in prototype phase.  One of them may be added to this month's release. Failing that we will push Chain Store by Goh Pit Khiam to the front of the line.
  • Crowell cubes turned out to be more time consuming to make than expected and I do not anticipate making any more of them; I would have to charge more than I believe the market will bear.
  • Secret Agent box is in its nth redesign but I remain excited about the project.  I'm just not willing to go to production until it's exactly right.  I do expect to finalize the design this month and start production next month.  I've been buried with operational and production duties lately, and design time has been hard to come by (i.e. that's how I spend my weekends lately)
  • Haym Hirsh and Frederik Boucherer have both sent me some very interesting packing puzzle designs that I will work into the schedule in the coming months.