Growing Pains - an Apology

In an effort to better serve the growing community of collectors, we have greatly increased our offerings at cubicdissection this past year. We’re posting more frequent updates, a greater variety of puzzles and increased production quantities. While I’m proud to say our product quality has been upheld, other aspects of the business have suffered.

We’ve nearly doubled our number of shipments in the last six months, and more notably began offering customers the option to have orders held for combined shipping.  To my knowledge, no other online retailer offers such a service, and we were, therefore, unable to find a back end system that would facilitate the unique needs of our order fulfillment process. We have been developing manual procedures, but nonetheless I’m ashamed to say that our shipping and order fulfillment has been riddled with errors of late. Pinning down the exact process issue remains elusive, but we’re working daily to find a solution.

Furthermore, we have experienced technical issues with our hosting provider, the worst being experienced during the last update when a subset of customers was unable to complete their orders and watched limited stock dwindle to nothing. This is completely unacceptable, and I take full responsibility. I should have shut the site down completely until the issue was resolved, and I apologize for not thinking of that.

I remain committed to providing the excellent service our customers deserve. If you have experienced any unresolved issues, please reach out to me personally at so that I can make things right. I welcome any input or suggestions and will do everything in my power to restore your confidence in us.