May 2023 Update Preview

New Puzzles Available!

Our new work will be released Wednesday, May 3rd at 3PM EST (UTC-4) on the Newly Released page:

  • +Burr by Stephan Baumegger
  • Slot Machine (2023) by Stewart Coffin
  • Half Hour Variant by Stewart Coffin

Please scroll down for detailed information and photos of the new designs. 


Puzzle Sales

From Wednesday, May 3rd, at 3PM EDT (UTC-4) until the following Wednesday, May 10th, at 3PM EDT all metal puzzles by Cubicdissection, BrunS, and Felix Ure will be on sale for 10% off.

In addition, we are discounting all laser-cut puzzles and EscapeWelt laser-cut puzzle boxes by 30%. This is a permanent discount that will be available until all are sold out, so snag them before they're gone.

We need to free up some inventory space, so pick up some puzzles you still want for your collection, or get some extra copies to share! Both discounts can be combined and will be automatically applied at checkout.


Hold Orders

Due to ongoing estate matters, we can no longer store orders for an indefinite time period. All orders will be shipped regardless of the selection during checkout, and all orders previously on hold will need to be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will revisit this policy as soon as we are able. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please reach out by email to


May Site Review Winner

Congratulations to Al Smith for winning a $100 gift card by submitting a product review! If you want to be entered for the next drawing, submit a review on the website of any recently purchased product before the next update.


May Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Derek Hessler for winning our monthly Give-Away! Derek has won a copy of Harun by Volker Latussek.

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Next Release

The date and contents of our next release are currently still to be decided. Our Production and Release Schedule page always has an up-to-date list of what's to come, so please keep an eye on it as we will update it once we have more information to share.

      May Sticker

      Our very own Mr. Steve created a retrofuturistic photo collage for this month's sticker. What could these two groups of interstellar beings be negotiating, and what of the mysterious cloaked figure looming above them? The press was clearly there to document the proceedings, but they had not responded to our requests for more information by the time of publication.




      Important Note - Care, Storage and Display

      Our work is handcrafted to very precise tolerances and must be kept within the range of 40-60% relative humidity at all times. Failure to do so may cause inoperability or permanent damage.

      Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation. We recommend occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.


      Now, on to the Puzzles....



      DESIGNER: Stephan Baumegger
      MATERIAL: White Oak and Walnut; Ash and Zebrawood
      RELEASE DATE: 2023.05.03
      EDITION: 65 Copies Made
      SIZE: 3.065"
      PRICE: $95

      +Burr (Plus Burr) is a six-piece burr in an unconventional shape designed by Stephan Baumegger in 2015. The name derives from the negative space on each assembled face which resembles the addition symbol. With a level 8.1.2 disassembly is not trivial, but not overly challenging. I recommend disassembling and scrambling the pieces for a great assembly puzzle.

      We have made two variants for this release, one with light white oak and rich walnut, and another with bright ash and intricate zebrawood. The wood pairings give each puzzle a visually pleasing contrast, with the large, chamfered pieces being easy to handle and providing very smooth movements.

      Approximately 65 copies were made for this release, each signed and dated. +Burr ships in an assembled configuration.



      Slot Machine (2023)

      DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
      MATERIAL: Ash, Walnut, and Acrylic; Wenge or Jatoba top panel
      RELEASE DATE: 2023.05.03
      EDITION: 75 Copies Made
      SIZE: 2.95" x 2.96" x 2.99"
      PRICE: $125

      We received several requests to remake this classic design by Stewart Coffin, featured as design number 185 in the Ap-Art book and challenged by the author to "Try your luck on this one - or test your patience!" As a follow up to the previous Blind Slot Machine release in 2005, this edition features a clear acrylic window to view your progress during the solve and a removable top panel which will turn the puzzle into a "Blind Slot Machine" which significantly increases the difficulty. 

      Construction features a shouldered Ash box and individually beveled pieces made from American Black Walnut, and you can choose from either a Wenge or Jatoba top panel. 75 copies were made, each signed and dated. Slot Machine (2023) ships in an unsolved configuration.



      Half Hour Variant

      DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
      MATERIAL: Figured Maple, African Teak, and Lacewood
      RELEASE DATE: 2023.05.03
      EDITION: 50 Copies Made
      SIZE: 2.86" x 2.86" x 2.87"
      PRICE: $85

      Stewart Coffin designed the venerable Half Hour puzzle in 1975, so named because he thought it would take most people about that long to solve it. This variant of Half Hour, STC-29B, is a spin on the classic design. The box features a removable top panel that dovetails into the restricted opening for storage of the solved puzzle. Solving the Half Hour cube will only get you partially there, as the "T" shaped restriction limits the assembly to one solution.

      Previously existing as a prototype made by Stewart and sold on our Marketplace a few years ago, we came across this design thought it was interesting, a fun solve, and a great puzzle to make. Construction came out very well with a Figured Maple Box, African teak top, and Lacewood pieces.

      Approximately 50 copies were made for this release, each signed and dated. Half Hour Variant ships in an assembled configuration.





      May 2023 Update Preview