Marketplace: Policy Changes and Site Improvements

The next Marketplace Event begins this Sunday, November 22nd! Since the previous event, we have made changes to site operation and policy. 

It is the responsibility of every participant to understand and abide by Marketplace Terms and Conditions. All users must read and understand these changes and maintain knowledge of site Instructions, Buyer, and Seller guides. 

To keep fees and operation costs low, Cubicdissection staff will not respond to questions already answered in site documentation. Now, on to the site changes.


  • Serving you better with custom improvements and increased hosting speed has increased the cost of Marketplace operations.
  • Final value fees have accordingly risen from 6.25% to 7%.
  • We do not charge any other fees. No fees are charged for unsold items.

Reporting of Non-Compliant Listings:

  • We added a link at the bottom of each item page to encourage anonymous reporting of non-compliant listings.
  • Sellers are responsible for the accuracy of their listings and must correct listings that violate terms before the event start. 
  • Listings reported and found to be in violation after the event starts will be removed and all bids voided.

    Commonly Reported Listing Violations:

    • Inaccurate Description / Designer / Maker
    • Seller charging PayPal fees
    • Photo revealing solution


      • We added a new postage option (TBC: To Be Calculated) to indicate the shipping charge calculation will occur after the item closes.
      • Item descriptions must disclose any Packaging, handling, or other fees above the cost of actual postage. 
      • Attempts to overcharge for shipping will result in the account suspension or deletion.

        Item Listing:

        • We fixed bugs that prevented some listings from appearing before the event.
        • Listings scheduled for the next event will now appear on the homepage automatically once they are listed.
        • All listings are now automatically flagged for inclusion in the rotating "featured" spot on the home page.


        • Buyers who attempt to place bids on items where the seller does not ship to the bidder's country will now see a warning pop up.
        • Out of country bids are still permitted to allow for users who make alternate shipping arrangements.

        User Interface:

        • We corrected a bug affecting the accuracy of the category item count.
        • Non-functional 'Credit account' and 'Clear Balance' buttons were removed from the user interface and replaced with information on how to clear seller balances.

         Thank you for your attention to these changes, and we hope you have a great Marketplace Event!