November 2020 Update: Statement of Site Malfunction

An unknown error caused the Blah Box and Sanib puzzles to not be shown in the Newly Released category when the update went live at 3pm today.

We do not know what caused this; all items were properly configured well in advance of the update. We were monitoring the site and were able to quickly correct the problem by removing the items from the category and re-adding them.

I apologize for this issue. The problem affected all users equally and could not have been foreseen. We will file a report with Shopify to alert them.

I have no further information nor comment regarding this issue; it simply is what it is. Since there is nothing we can change about the matter, we will focus on fulfillment and service activities we are able to positively affect. Further customer service inquiries in regard to this matter will be replied to with this identical statement.

Many thanks for your support and understanding!