December 2020 Update Changes

I've been working on a redesign of the Havana Boxes. Changing the dimensions allowed me to add complexity, and Havana Two and Four are nearly complete. Havana Three will be re-released with a changed size but same mechanism as the original release. I decided not to revisit Havana One.

I'd planned to release the first Havana Redux box in December, but more pressing matters prevailed: we have nearly nothing left to sell on the site. That's a problem for a business. Overly prioritizing new work over familiar items still in demand has caused us problems in the past, and I've learned to balance business concerns with breaking new ground.

I have therefore pushed Havana work to December and decided to make another run of Topless Box in hopes that we can keep some in stock. We're also working on restocking Tube It In, 3/4/5 Cubes and the Surround puzzle this update.

I know this is a disappointment to those who already have these puzzles, but stay tuned, we've lots on the way. Our production and operations are running much more smoothly now and I am prioritizing design time in December and January. I expect to be releasing boxes every update moving forward, and am excited to share these with you. You can find a list of the boxes on my radar on the Upcoming page.