Blah Box Recall

We have discovered the potential for an unintended solution path with the Blah Box. If you have already received your copy, we ask that you do not attempt to solve it.

The flaw is easily fixed with a piece of replacement hardware and a revision to the solving rules. The fix does not diminish the puzzling value of the design; in fact, it addresses a feature I was of mixed feelings about. I feel the correction results in an overall improvement to the design and solution path.

Here is what we are doing to fix things:

  1. We are notifying affected customers by email today.
  2. We have corrected the item description with the change in solving rules.
  3. We have sourced the replacement hardware and expect to receive it on Friday the 24th.
  4. We will mail the replacement part on Monday, November 30, along with the revised solving guidelines.
  5. Replacing the part does require opening the box. To avoid spoiling the solving experience, we will send the replacement piece with instructions in a separately sealed envelope. The replacement part will be packaged to not reveal anything through handling.
  6. Replacing the part is very fast and easy to do, even for a non-puzzler. Blah owners can give the box and replacement part envelope to a friend/family member to perform the switch and not spoil the solution.

We will also correct any held orders that have not shipped, and the second release copies to be sold in December.

If you already have a Blah Box and have solved it using the unintended solution, please accept my personal apology. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy, up to and including a refund (including postage).

While it is recommended that you wait for the replacement, we understand that you may be impatient and want to enjoy the box before then. Suppose you would like to solve the puzzle before the replacement piece arrives. In that case, you can avoid the unintended "cheat" solution by following the advice attached to the bottom of the recall email. This does involve a very light spoiler, so please make your own decision.

I apologize for this recall and any inconvenience it may cause. Unintended solutions like this sometimes occur despite our best efforts. With any complex system, some flaws invisible to the maker are revealed by peer review. We will always stand behind our work, own our errors, and put in the effort to make things right.


Eric Fuller

Blah Box Recall