Changes to Upcoming (Production and Release Schedule)

Moving forward we will stop listing specific dates for future puzzle releases. This change is for several reasons:

The first is that it creates expectations that frequently end up conflicting with the realities of the ever-changing nature of our bespoke work. Any mistakes or production issues must be handled before the deadline, causing stress that negatively affects the quality of our work.

Further, I refuse to move forward with production on a design until I feel it's just right. Try as I may to predict when that will be, I regularly find myself pushing release dates back. When I do it feels like I’m breaking a promise. Better to not make that promise at all until I know it can be kept.

Therefore I will only be posting work that I know will be complete before the next update. Upcoming designs will be published, but specific release dates will not be given. I hope this compromise still allows my customers sufficient time to plan their acquisitions while giving us the leeway we need to put out the best work we’re capable of.