CD Single-Seller Marketplace Event

Our Cubicdissection sponsored single-seller Marketplace event will begin this Sunday, August 16th at 12PM EST. For sale are many discontinued Cubicdissection puzzles from our own private display shelves. The purpose of this sale is to raise funds for our upcoming facility move next Summer.

Following is a list of the puzzles we will be offering, sorted by designer. We will also be listing two lots of IPP Exchange puzzles, sold all together as two separate listings.

Cubicdissection Puzzles

Puzzle Designer
Burr with Rings Hajime Katsumoto
Galaxy One Aleksandr Leontev
Galaxy Two Aleksandr Leontev
Elena's Burr Aleksandr Leontev
Babel Alfons Eyckmans
Frankenstein Alfons Eyckmans
La Taupe Alfons Eyckmans
Le Grand Taupe Alfons Eyckmans
Amatores Alfons Eyckmans
Claw 3 Alfons Eyckmans
PenTIC Andrew Crowell
BioTIC Andrew Crowell
Impossible Triangle of Three Cubes Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Burr of Nine Boxes Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Burr of Nine Boxes Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Slot Machine Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Impossible Triangle of Six Cubes Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Super Packer Andrey Ustjuzhanin
Burr #306 Bill Cutler
Bill's Ball Bearing Burr Bill Cutler
Five Duo Cubes Brendan Perez
Board Burr Rack Brendan Perez
Chinese Knot Christoph Lohe
Chinese Knot Christoph Lohe
Harun Dr. Volker Latussek
Kaon - Padauk Duane Einfeld
clamped Cube Emil Askerli
Worm Cube Emil Askerli
Small Box #4 "Paradox Box" Eric Fuller
Confetti Box Eric Fuller
Burr Bones Frank Potts
Fusion Logan Kleinwaks
Zauberflote- Purpleheart Gregory Benedetti
Triple V Guy Brette
Triple T Guy Brette
Soma In Case Hajime Katsumoto
Sweet 16 Jack Krijnen
Cranium Jerry Loo
Pocket Pento Jerry Loo
Berro-Skull Prototype Jerry Loo
Happy New Year Johan van de Konijnenburg
Kevin's Burr Jose W. Diaz
Loopy Burr Junichi Yananose
Inaccurate Burr Junichi Yananose
Matador Ken Irvine
Matador  Ken Irvine
Surround- Padauk & Tamerindo Kohno Ichiro
3 Cubes Canary 1st edition  Kohno Ichiro
Rough Night Burr Kouki Kusumi, Mineyuki Uyematsu
Leftovers #3 László Molnár
Bookend Burr Logan Kleinwaks
Clamped Burr Logan Kleinwaks
Cornered Burr Logan Kleinwaks
Looped Burr Logan Kleinwaks
Cold Fusion Logan Kleinwaks
Cubyful 2 Lucie Pauwels
Secret Burr Marcel Gillen
Combined Burr Noah Prettyman
Knotted Burr Noah Prettyman
Just 3 Noah Prettyman
Pair Dance Osanori Yamamoto
Oskar's Matchboxes Oskar Van Deventer
2-In-1 Oskar Van Deventer
Quattro Cube Peter Gal
Logical Progression Walnut Rick Eason
Jerrican Stéphane Chomine
Prison Burr Stéphane Chomine
Prison Burr Stéphane Chomine
Aquarius + Stéphane Chomine
Triaxe Stéphane Chomine
Aubade Stéphane Chomine
The Decoy Stewart Coffin
Cube 16 Canarywood Stewart Coffin
Double Cross Stewart Coffin
Missing Notch Stewart Coffin
Notes Tamas Vanyo
Dinlas Terry Smart
Siamese Burr Terry Smart
Rift Tim Alkema
Padlock Burr Tim Alkema
Overlap Tim Alkema
Odd One Out Tim Alkema
Grip Tim Alkema
Cubic Burr Tom Jolly
Inner Cube Tom Jolly
Packira Tomas Vanyo
Gift Burr Unknown
Tube it in (2016) Wil Strijbos
Band Cube William Hu
Two Wheeled Cube William Hu
Ring Lock William Hu
4L (2018) Yasuhiro Hashimoto
Space Mine Yavuz Demirhan
Basket Burr Yavuz Demirhan
Conclusion Yavuz Demirhan
Pox Box Yavuz Demirhan
Quads & Rings 1 Yavuz Demirhan
Gaia Yavuz Demirhan
12 Straight/ Twisted (2008)

Yukio Hirose


IPP 29 Puzzles (one listing for the entire lot)

Puzzle Exchanged By
Not a Cube Abel Garcia
Troubled Burr Mike Chabala
Flag It Louis Toorenburg
The Flying Block Puzzle Dirk Weber
Lombard Loops Kate Jones
Peter's Polysquaretangles Peter Knoppers
The Flower Jeremiah Farrell
Labysnakes Alain Zalmansky
Super Hamilton Ed Pegg Jr. 
Puzzlerone Karin & Jurg Von Kanel
Monthly Puzzle Tanya Thompson
Round Solitaire Tetsuro Kawahara
Tricky Numbers Wil Strijbos
Rocketeer Oscar Rosen
Trickerboard Rob Hegge
Kalamazoo Puzzle Michael Tanoff
Flying Block Puzzle Dirk Weber
Shaka Shaka Meiko Kimura
Self Referential Panels Eric Harshbarger & Wei-Hwa Huang
Star Xi Puzzle Yoshiyuki Kotami
SF PP Star 29 Hendrik Haak
The Turnip Puzzle Vladimir Krasnovkhov
The Three Sisters  Dick Hess
Devil's Gate  George Miller
Magic Fish  Tsugumitsu Noji
7 Pieces 4 Squares Emron Halici
Ox Block Louis Toorenburg
Eric Fuller's Puzzling Adventures Mike Snyder
Anansi's Maze Pavel's Puzzles
Fire & Air Rene Dawir
Emerald Isle Jim Kerley
Lazy Salesman Rik Van Grol
29 + Holding Allan Stein
Snake In The Grass Puzzle James Dalgety
L-Pyramid Marcel Gillen
Jungle Puzzle Yee Dian Lee
Shades of Donuts Bill Darrah



IPP 35 Exchange Puzzle Lot (one listing for the entire lot)

Puzzle Exchanged By
O Canada Nick Baxter
Housnig Crunch George Bell
Restricted Area 270-A Saul Bobroff
Snow Drops  John Bottoms
Smiley Frederic Boucher
Pulsar Burr Lambert Bright
DuaLL DueLL Laurie Brokenshire
Ze EGG #1 Stephen Chin
CCC-1 Bill Cutler
Chris' Castle Chris Dalgety
Smiley Burr Rene Dawir
5 Towers  Greg Dye
Diamond Engagement Scott Elliot
PtZ Takeyuki Endo
Scrambled  Jeremiah Farrell
Twins  Gary Foshee
Outfox the Box (#245-A) Abel Garcia
3D Hexomino Pyramids Marcel Gillen
Forgotten Piece Tanya Gillen
OTTOWA-IPP35-Cube Carlo Gitt
Simplexity Markus Gotz
Bin Laden Too Rik Van Grol
Loyd's Block Hendrik Haak
4 Ducks and a Duckling in a Pond John Hache
Matchless Peter Hajek
Four Triangles Five Shapes Emrehan Halici
The Kissing Puzzle George Hart
Octaplex I Bob Hearn
Puck Pack Rob Hegge
The Bewildered Bear Puzzle Dick Hess
2 & 2 Rosemary Howbrigg
Florbovia Wei-Hwa Huang
TetraHexed Stan Isaacs
Slide X Iwahiro Iwasawa
Triple Triads Puzzles Abraham Jacobs
Maple Leaf Rag Kate Jones
Lockdown  Rob Jones
Algonquin Wigwams James Kerley
Golden Heptet Triangles Meiko Kimura
IPP 35 Ottowa Peter Knoppers
Icy Planet Yoshi Kotani
Antislide-Tetramino Vladimir Krasnoukhov
Heat Wave Yee Dian Lee
Straight Up IPP  David Litwin
CamelPak Jerry Loo
Sixel Patrick Major
Wal-Nutty Conundrum Andy Manvell
Tower of David Yael Meron
Cubigami 21 George Miller
Cast Puzzle Vortex in the Bottle Hiroaki Namba
H-Slider Diniar Namdarian
Pole Dancers Steve Nicholls
Push Box 2 Simon Nightingale
50 Cent Labyrinth Puzzle David Pullen
Twelve Bow Ties 2 Marti Reis
The Bag Lady Allen Rolfs
Pinwheel Burr Dave Rosetti
Growing Triangle Andreas Rover
Sanfield's Secret Folding Hankie Robert Sanfield
Minos T Packing Puzzle Bernhard Schweitzer
Almost There Larry Seidman
Multi-Grain 275-AS Jerry Slocum
DP^3 Daisy Petal Puzzle Pin Mike Snyder
A Puzzle Jest Tyler Somer
Slideways Cube Ray Stanton
Packed Pyramid Norton Starr
DeLand's Circle Puzzle Robert Stegmann
Eurofalle 03 Allen Stein
The Multi Challenging "Schnur Spiel" Wil Strijbos
Cutler Freight Car Henry Strout
Treasure Chest Elaine Summerday
Hynobius Naoaki Takashima
The Ottowa Plates Puzzle Michael Tanoff
9 Snakes of Nine Dor Tietz
Ring Up 4, Hooked On Love Sacco Tsuda
Mon Can Zandraa Tumen-Ulzii
Cubic Burr Tim Udall
Glitter Frans De Vreugd
CheckerBored Too William Waite
Loopy Box Allard Walker
A-Mazing Block Puzzle Dirk Weber
Pinned Wedge Key Keith Winegar
Fly My Kites Roxanne Wong
Irresistable Puzzle Liang-Jen Wu
Pengram Lixy Yamada
Restricted Soma Brian Young