July 2020 Update Preview

Available July 31, 3pm EST (UTC -4)

Lock Box

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Figured Waterfall Sapele, Figured Quartersawn Sapele, Sapele/Jatoba Key
RELEASE DATE: 6.29.2020
PRICE: $450
SIZE: 3" x 4" x 1.45" Box, 2.45" x 1.25" x 0.75" Key

Lock Box is a sequential discovery puzzle box. Its simple appearance hides a very complex mechanical mechanism that requires multiple discoveries to open. No gravity moves, spinning, tapping, banging or force is necessary or allowed.

I think this is one of my best designs to date. Multiple steps and discoveries are required, with knowledge of the mechanism coming in stages until the box finally opens to reveal its prize.

This puzzle is very precise and must be kept between 40 and 60 percent humidity at all times. Do not expose it to high humidity conditions under any circumstance. We do not guarantee proper operation if stored outside these conditions. 


Box Rebellion Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
MATERIAL: Reddish Orange or Yellow Canarywood Box, Padauk Pieces
RELEASE DATE: 7.31.2020
PRICE: $69
SIZE: 2.425" x 3.75"

Box Rebellion was previously released as an IPP exchange puzzle in 2004 by Walt Hoppe. Similar to the wildly popular 4L design, Box Rebellion is a tricky multiple-step packing puzzle with a single solution. The four identical pieces must be packed into the box but are blocked by an odd-shaped acrylic slider over the top which only allows one side of the box to be accessible at a time.  The solution includes multiple rotations. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.


Double Slideways Interlocking Burr

DESIGNER: Ray Stanton
MATERIAL: Premium Canarywood
RELEASE DATE: 7.31.2020
PRICE: $64-69
SIZE: 3"

Double Slideways is a brilliant design and I'm glad we found time to make it again! This is a re-release of Ray's excellent exchange puzzle we last produced in 2014. The exchange edition was in a smaller format and fully notched for production efficiency. This remake is in a larger size and features augmented construction with a triangular stock insert. As a result, there is less void space once assembled, giving this edition smoother operation and more stability in the solved state.

We used a very premium Canarywood I have been saving for a special project. This wood was mostly a colorful and highly figured yellow, with a very few special copies featuring red streaks or sapwood edges. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.


Not Another Lock Puzzle!

DESIGNER: Tim Alkema
MATERIAL: Black Walnut and Holly
RELEASE DATE: 7.31.2020
PRICE: $77
SIZE: 3.25" x 2.25" x 2"

This padlock shaped five-piece caged interlocking burr will perplex you with its level 13 solution. The previous lock shaped burrs we have made included a key-shaped piece; the unique interplay and accessibility of simple burr pieces make this latest offering from Tim an interesting change.

Unfortunately, the previously published marblewood pieces were not fully dried by our supplier and shrank after milling. We remade them from a beautiful batch of Holly which contrasts beautifully with the Black Walnut cage. This puzzle is shipped assembled. 

Caged Polycubes

DESIGNER: John Rausch
MATERIAL: Jatoba (Cage), Mahogany (Jig), Butternut/ Jatoba (Box), Padauk, Maple, Granadillo, Wenge, Purpleheart, Bubinga, Leopardwood, Bocote, Chakta Viga, Holly, Schedua, Cherry, Black Limba, and Goncalo Alves (Pieces)
RELEASE DATE: 7.31.2020
PRICE: $159
SIZE: 3.25" x 3.25" x 3.875"

The puzzle is a set similar to the Penultimate Burr with multiple problems to be solved. The set consists of a 4×4×4 cage with a 2×2 opening on each face and 14 non-planar penta/tetracubes. The objective is to fill the cage with four of the pentacubes and three tetracubes to complete a 4×4 cube. A jig is provided for testing possible solutions outside the cage, as well as a box which doubles as a display plinth for the solved puzzle. This is a difficult puzzle, with two assemblies having a unique sixteen move solution! This puzzle is shipped disassembled.

The solution manual PDF can be downloaded from the order confirmation screen after checkout.



July 2020 Update Preview