August 2020 Update Preview

Available Friday, August 28th, 3 pm EST (UTC -4)

Please note shipping delays

We are still finishing up the final Lift Boxes and Daedalus puzzles. Orders containing these items may be delayed up to a week before shipment. This has happened the last few updates, so we will be looking into adjusting our expected output or pushing an update out a week to catch production up.

We regret the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we find a solution. 

Titan and Hip Flask Restocked!

Felix Ure's excellent Titan and Hip Flask designs will be restocked with the update tomorrow. Prices remain unchanged.


Lift Box Puzzle Box (second release)

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Black Walnut, Quilted Maple, Bocote
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $169
SIZE: 3" x 2.4" x 2.4"

This second release of Lift Box incorporates a couple of design improvements over the last version. The price was slightly increased to offset the additional work caused by redesign and improved grain matching. One copy of Lift Box will be included in the monthly raffle.

Customer reviews of the previous release describe the box well:

"Removing the lid of the Lift Box is easy, but this does not állow to access the inside of the box and here the actual solve starts. The box has an unusual mechanism, and first time I have seen one like that. There are some carefully hidden hints in the design that give you a rough idea what may be required, but actually finding the moves is a different story. Great fun to solve and crafted in excellent quality!" -Goetz S.-

"Lift Box is a very deceptive little devil. It's hard to say much without spoiling things, but as with Topless Box there's a lid that isn't a lid at all and a seemingly impenetrable box underneath. Changes come from unexpected places and in surprising ways. The craftsmanship is superb and keeps the secrets well hidden. Bravo!" -Thelonious C-


Tube It In Assembly Puzzle

DESIGNER: Wil Strijbos
MATERIAL: Morado, Birdseye Maple, Paduak, Yellowheart, Chakta Viga, Wenge, Granadillo, Purpleheart, Cherry, Zebra, Bocote
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $109
SIZE: 2" x 1.375" x 1.5"

Tube It In is a classic design by Wil Strijbos. To solve it you have to take the various small rectangular pieces and pack them all inside each other. Wil originally made it with small cut sections of metal pipe! What an original and fun idea, still unique to this day. The puzzle itself is moderately tricky and fun to solve.

Construction of this puzzle is painstaking. Each piece is strengthened with shouldered joinery on the edges and then beveled on all faced. This is very tricky indeed with such small pieces. The original metal puzzle had different wall thicknesses; this wooden version with uniform thickness required a near-total redesign and is unique to Cubicdissection.

This puzzle is shipped assembled.


Tabula Cube Interlocking Puzzle

DESIGNER: Yavuz Demirhan
MATERIAL: Wenge and Iroko
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $99
SIZE: 2.75"

Tabula Cube by Yavuz Demirhan is a strikingly unusual interlocking cube puzzle. The 27 cubes are augmented with 18 smaller planks that connect with the cubes to make nine different shapes. The level 1.7.2 solution is tricky to disassemble and very challenging to assemble.

Tabula was a lot of work to make, with 45 individual component pieces and 540 bevels per puzzle. Dimensions and glue joints are accurate to .002 inches; the cube feels completely solid when assembled.

This puzzle is shipped assembled.



Daedalus Interlocking Cube

DESIGNER: Gregory Benedetti
MATERIAL: Quilted Jatoba or Rosewood or Figured Chechen or Striped Chechen or Granadillo
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $179-$199
SIZE: 3"

Daedalus is a masterpiece of design. Brilliantly creative and brutally difficult to both craft and solve, I've wanted to make this puzzle for a while. One rosewood copy of Daedalus will be included in the monthly raffle.

According to Allard Walker:
"In its fully closed form, the puzzle hides all of its secrets rather well - there is literally no clue to the sheer pandemonium hiding inside in wait for an unwary puzzler. One of the pics on the Contest website shows the Daedalus with a single piece removed - and it has teeth! From that picture you can surmise that the pieces are constrained by a series of pins and channels, but even that doesn’t really prepare you for the challenge."

Daedalus was extremely difficult to craft. The accuracy necessary due to the level of interlock is intimidating. Every pin, route, and component piece must be spot on for the puzzle to feel correct. I'm happy to report that the extra care we took during manufacturing paid off, and the result is superlative.

This puzzle is shipped assembled.


2-in-1 Interlocking Burr

DESIGNER: Oskar van Deventer
MATERIAL: Black Limba, Paduak, Purple Heart, Cherry, Goncalo Alves, Bocote, Canarywood, Leopardwood, Jatoba, Holly
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $75
SIZE: 3"

2-in-1 is a twelve-piece interlocking burr with a unique concept and solution. The name is particularly apropos since there are two challenges; find the symmetrical shape, then assemble it! The use of full notches to leave concealed spaces in the solved assembly further complicates that task. 

This puzzle is shipped disassembled.


Space Case Puzzle Box

MATERIAL: Canarywood and Bloodwood
RELEASE DATE: 8.27.2020
PRICE: $299
SIZE: 5.5″ x 4.25″ x 2.25″

Space Case is Dee Dixon's latest puzzle box. Artfully crafted from canarywood with complementary bloodwood accents, it's named after the classic figures (alien, rocket and UFO) adorning the sides of the box. Space Case is a difficult solve with 10-12 opening steps necessary. Once solved, you're able to view the internal mechanism and further admire the craftsmanship.

One copy of Space Case will be included in the monthly raffle.

August 2020 Update Preview