Topless Box (2012)

RELEASED: 11.29.2012
PRODUCED: 38 Copies
DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Striped Quartersawn Sapele / Quilted Maple / Paduak
COMMENTS: Several years ago Robert Yarger and I threw around the idea of collaborating on a massive project. We both were interested in making a complex Apothecary style box with many drawers and a sequential discovery style solution. He threw out a crazy idea - why don't we get a bunch of other puzzlemakers to chip in, and have each drawer unique? Having been in the military I knew what that meant (massive disorganization) and so I politely declined, thinking he was getting all pie-in-the-sky on me. Well darn if he didn't rally the troops, and off they got started. I think someone told me they initially thought it would take something like six months.

Three years later it was almost done! Unfortunately one person had to withdraw from the project, and Dave Cooper relentlessly lobbied for my participation. I agreed and now I'm very glad I did (thanks Dave, 'ol pal!) The project is almost finished, and it's shaping up to be an unparalleled success. Twelve puzzlemakers have each contributed a unique box to the project, and Robert Yarger (aka Stickman) is constructing the chest which will contain them all. The chest itself is a massive puzzle, and releasing one drawer will provide clues / tools for the next drawer. Limited to one copy per participant, plus a couple to be sold to cover expenses for Robert, this will be one for the books indeed.

The "Topless Box" is my contribution to the project. I originally was only going to make enough for the submission, but got pretty excited about the design once it was finished, and decided to make it a larger run. I've seen a fair number of boxes and this one has what I believe are some unique characteristics. Unfortunately I can't show much detail of the inside of the box without giving away the workings. I can say that the box has two lids, and neither a top nor a bottom. Figuring out how to deal with that conundrum will hopefully get you on your way...

These boxes are constructed from a plank of very nice striped sapelle which gives a ton of shimmer. They are designed with longevity in mind, and should function fine regardless of humidity. I'm VERY happy with how they came out.

Each box is signed and dated; 38 made for sale.

SIZE: 3"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Beautiful Box

I haven't solved this puzzle box yet. Aside from the difficulty, it's an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Anything that Cubic Dissection makes you can be certain that their production quality will always be incredible.

Beautifully executed

I don't want to know how much time went into getting the details just right in this box! Very satisfying solve experience (mine went quickly but only because I've come to expect the seemingly impossible from Eric's mechanisms!) Gorgeous as always and meticulously detailed. Now I just have to decide what I'd like to put inside...

Ingenious! Love it!!!

Well crafted in beautiful, rich looking woods, this box is simple yet ingeniously clever! At first there doesn't appear to be any way to open it beyond removing the opposing magnetic lids. However, after carefully inspecting the box, thinking logically, and just relying on instinct, I uncovered a clue that helped me ultimately figure it out. Very satisfying! Wonderful to play with and solve over and over. I truly appreciate the expert craftsmanship and simple, yet amazing mechanism for locking the box. Well done CD!

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