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Eric Fuller, a master creator of precision puzzles, is held in high regard by serious puzzle collectors from all over the world. Fuller, who is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the very few puzzlemakers who are tapping into the vast warehouse/database of puzzle design, to which designers are constantly submitting ever more complicated brainteasers.

Have you ever run into someone or something that just blows your mind? That eccentric uniqueness that totally inspires you and just stops you in your tracks with an overwhelming feeling of “WOW!” Maybe it’s a piece of art,  the wisdom of an old man that can tell you one hell of a story, or just and overall conversation that just grabs your attention.

If you are unaware, Eric Fuller is a prominent and popular mechanical puzzle and puzzle box maker, who produces highly prized and collectable puzzles of his own and other design. Many of Eric Fuller’s puzzles can be found on his great website and he continues to produce handcrafted puzzles from his workshop.