Ordering Process Reform

I have been reluctant to reform our ordering process because it speaks to the core of how we operate. I strongly feel that we do our best work without external commitments. Introducing those brings with it pressure to release subpar work or cut corners to make a deadline. Working in the absence of these gives us the flexibility to put our best foot forward, and room to correct mistakes without breaking our word.

That said, it's clear to me now that our ordering process is broken and not serving many of our customers well. Therefore I am declaring my intent to correct these issues and will be turning my full attention toward them with the goal of a resolution in the next couple of months.

We will do so with full community involvement and with community interests at the forefront. I do not yet know if the solution will come from changes to production quantity, the website checkout process, the introduction of pre-orders, or the adoption of other measures. I'll be thinking up options, weighing the pros and cons, and presenting them to the community for public review shortly.

I'm convinced our process can be substantially improved, and appreciate your patience and support while we work out this latest kink. Our growth has continually caught us by surprise, and I apologize for the reactive nature of our response. I'm 100% committed to solving this puzzle with you all.