June 2020 Site Outage

We had a site crash on Friday at the time of the update. About 20 minutes before the new items went live the site administration interface quit working. Unfortunately, we were still putting the finishing touches on the new items. Due to the outage, we were unable to complete that work before the 3 PM deadline.
To prevent orders from being placed with unfinished descriptions and settings, I placed the site in password-protected mode. It was 25 more minutes before I was able to configure the site to display a message explaining the situation.
Once traffic eased, the back end interface came back up. I have been in touch with Shopify's support to initiate an investigation. Despite the site not handling traffic, we also bear the blame for not finishing site work sooner. Had the items been completed and ready well in advance of the update we could have survived the admin functions being down. I've learned a lesson from this and moving forward will make sure we have everything tiptop and ready to go well before the deadline.
The site is back up now and the update has been rescheduled for Monday at 3 PM EST. A very few orders were completed before the site went down and we will be honoring those orders. The vast majority of inventory is still on hand and will be available Monday.
We do our best to provide excellent service but failed at that today. I deeply apologize for the confusion and wasted time.