Marketplace Changes

The last marketplace event was a success by all measurable standards; we had more items listed than ever and a jump in participation by new buyers and sellers alike. What’s not measured or seen by the participants is the cost to the rest of my business.

On top of direct costs like hosting, software licensing and custom programming, managing each event takes hours of time dealing with issues, replying to emails, etc.  This time takes me out of the workshop and results in fewer puzzles made and, ultimately, a net loss to the business.  

With this last event, the loss has been so noticeable that I am forced with the choice of retiring the Marketplace or increasing revenue to offset the expense incurred by offering this service. I do believe the market serves a vital function to the community, for both old hand collectors and new collectors alike.

Therefore I have made two changes moving forward:

1. The site documentation has been greatly expanded, with answers to the most frequent questions I receive. At the bottom of each Marketplace page are links to an introductory guide, a buyers guide, and a sellers guide. Future correspondence asking questions which are addressed in this documentation will be replied with an answer directing to same.

2. Fees have been increased from 4.85% to 6.25% of final item value. The amount had not changed since the inception of the Marketplace over a decade ago, and I’m very proud to have been able to keep them that low for so long.  As before there are no additional or hidden charges; no listing fees, no buyer fees, nothing else.  I feel that given the audience the Marketplace serves and the opportunity for buyers and sellers alike, it remains a very fair arrangement.

I'd like to thank all participants for their understanding, and hope these changes smooth things out and ensure the Marketplace's continued operation moving forward.