A Note on Marketplace Reselling

I do not generally monitor the Marketplace listings, I have neither the time nor inclination...business is business and if someone decides to sell something they have purchased from me, who am I to guess their motivations?

That said, a few listings on the current event have caught my eye, as they are very recently released and posted at prices well above the website price. I work very hard to keep my prices as low as possible so that as many collectors as possible are able to access my work. When items are purchased strictly for resale, it hurts the community.

I do not want to regulate sales, but I will remind everyone that I reserve the right to decline business on the marketplace and on the regular site for any or no reason.  If it becomes apparent you are not a collector, but merely a reseller, I will decline your business in favor of those who collect.


I want to be clear that the marketplace is exactly there for collectors to be able to move their puzzles around and sell them if they choose. I am not trying to guess intentions, and I do view all listings in the most favorable light possible.

Just be
cause a listed puzzle was recently released doesn’t necessarily mean someone is trying to profit; perhaps they just didn’t like the puzzle. And that’s fine with me!

I’m fine with folks buying multiple copies, many do as gifts. But if I notice blatant reselling I will make an inquiry.


  • Amen Eric! I for one am very grateful that you make such superior work accessible (as well as other craftsmen that do the same). Each puzzle I buy from you and others I purchase with a genuine interest in solving it and reasonable likelihood that I will keep it for my collection. For puzzles I choose not to keep, generally I first offer them to friends who might be interested in them at about 70% of what I paid (without factoring in shipping), because I figure that even though I am not keeping the puzzles, I have derived value trying them. If none is interested, then I make the puzzles available at auction with a starting price of no more than about 70% of what I paid with no reserve. I am glad for the puzzles to be in the hands of puzzlers who are glad to have them. Thanks again Eric for making such great puzzles accessible!

    Bill Steedly
  • Here! Here!


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