Tri Again

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
PRODUCED: 24 Copies
DESIGNER: Frank Potts
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / Maple
COMMENTS: By now, repeat customers are aware of my love for 3 piece burrs. When Frank emailed me this puzzle I was very interested by it. While it has the appearance of a three piece burr, it uses six identical pieces to make a stable and difficult assembly.

The construction was quite challenging - at first I tried to mill the square hole by gluing a single piece into the channel left by a router bit. However, I could never get the endgrain to match, even when I used the same plank of wood. I settled on a glued up symmetrical assembly which is attractive and stable. The internal pieces are milled from solid stock, and a spline reinforces the weak .25" square internal joint between then two internal pieces.

While I would like to be able to price this item more attractively, it was very labor intensive to make and I have brought the price down as low as I am able. Given the beauty of the final assembly and the precision of its construction, I am convinced it is an excellent value for a very interesting and unique design.

Each puzzle is signed and dated. Ships disassembled for your solving pleasure!

SIZE: 3"

This item is sold out and no longer available. Our Marketplace is the best source for discontinued work. We occasionally revisit discontinued designs at our sole discretion and do not accept requests or one-off commissions.

To ensure the proper continued operation and fit of your puzzles, please check out our product care guide. We recommend an occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.

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