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Too Hard
Too Hard

Too Hard

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DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
MATERIAL: Mahogany, Birch
RELEASE DATE: 5.17.2019
EDITION: 61 Copies Released
SIZE: 3.50 x 4.00 inch
COMMENTS: I've long been a fan of Coffin's angled stick puzzles. They're tricky, beautiful when assembled, and unique among interlocking puzzles. The angles are very confusing which leads to a fantastic ah-ha moment!

"Too Hard" is the second and more difficult angled stick offering for this update. Initially, it appears to have the same shape as the Pineapple Pile, but a trick appears when attempting to construct that shape. One of the three longer sticks has the holes drilled in a reversed mirror orientation; thus the solver is forced to find another approach. This puzzle was originally designed as an IPP exchange puzzle but was deemed "too hard", hence the name. It has never been produced before.

Enjoy a discount by bundling both "Too Hard" and "Pineapple Pile" for one price (offer valid through midnight Sunday).

Construction of this puzzle is excellent, with a precise fit. The holes are very accurately drilled and located with little tearout; a formidable challenge when working with round stock.

61 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped misassembled.