Three Cubes Puzzle (2023)

DESIGNER: Kohno Ichiro
MATERIAL: Aluminum
RELEASE DATE: 2023.09.29
SIZE: 30mm

Three Cubes by Kohno Ichiro is an award-winning design placed in the top 10 2018 IPP Design Competition results. This pocket-sized puzzle is a ton of fun and remains a favorite. With only three identical pieces, this seemingly simple assembly puzzle may keep you busy for longer than you expect. The goal is to combine the pieces to create a stable assembly forming three distinct, equal-sized cubes. Complicating this task is the polarity of the powerful magnets embedded into pieces.

Once solved, the puzzle snaps into shape, resulting in a beautiful and entertaining fidget toy. Three cubes were only the beginning; Mr. Ichiro subsequently designed the Four Cubes and Five Cubes to create a set, with each puzzle escalating in difficulty.

Mr. Puzzle posted a great video review of Three Cubes.

This batch of Three Cubes was constructed from CNC milled aluminum, and is considerably smaller in size than our wood version. Approximately 80 copies are available. Three Cubes ships in an unsolved configuration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Derek H.

This was an amazing take on a classic. Love being able to throw it in my pocket and unless the amazingness of puzzles upon unsuspecting civilians.

Excellent little puzzle!

The usual Cubicdissection quality, only applied to metal construction. I have at this point spent many hours clicking the pieces together and apart again. Not necessarily difficult, but fun to solve, and more fun to play with!

Michael R.
3 cubes

Awesome little puzzle, precisely made, fabulous!

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