Standard Puzzle Hamster

SIZE: 1 SPH (7.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" / 19cm x 7.6cm x 7.6cm)
TEMPERAMENT: Docile and Inquisitive

UPDATE: An intrepid member of the hamsters' Information Technology department managed to get on Discord during the update. To prevent them from messing with our work computers, we have left a spare laptop running in the attic where they live and have placed a message on it asking them to email us to discuss an alliance. We will keep you posted on how this develops.

August 2022: It would appear that the hamsters have developed an understanding of how to use computers, and have infiltrated the Mechanical Puzzles Discord chat network. This is certainly a major new development in interspecies communication, and we are intrigued by what further advancements in human/hamster relations may result.

The Standard Puzzle Hamster (M. aenigma) is a rare and remarkable species. Generations of natural selection have cumulated in a large yet consistent size, soft fur, and the ability to sit very still for photographs.

The SPH can be elusive. Known to appear only around the time of puzzle harvests, it is thought that their keen sense of smell picks up the distinctive scent of fresh challenges. Once lured from their hiding places, they may be captured by any puzzler quick-witted enough to decipher their location.

Take note! Though they have never been seen to move, they are extremely fast when no one is watching. If you want to catch one for yourself, you need to act quickly. The colony is keen to avoid detection and move on to their next hiding spot soon after their emergence. Once they flee, they will only reappear when the next crop of new puzzles is released. We never know exactly where they will appear, so keep a lookout!

Hamsters may be found immediately following the update by searching the website for clues. They appear approximately 10 minutes after the new items are released, and disappear about an hour later. Only one hamster per customer may be captured per update.

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