Small Box Two - "Aha Box"

Small Box Two - "Aha Box"

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DESIGNER: Alan Boardman
MATERIAL: Maple, Zebrawood
RELEASE DATE: 10.1.2019
EDITION: 200 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.75 x 1.7 x 1.2

Small Box Two - "Aha Box" This design was Alan Boardman's IPP exchange puzzle in 2004. He describes it as "Designed to lure your non-puzzler friends into "our" world." It gives very few clues upon seems to be solid, with no way to open it. A solution does exist, and it's quite tricky to discover. Sturdy and pocket sized, a great puzzle to share with friends and non-puzzlers. This little box also has a surprisingly useful amount of space inside!

Construction of this puzzle is very precise, with a solid fit and feel. The Zebrawood contrasts beautifully with the maple...this little guy is just begging to be picked up and played with!

Each copy is signed and dated; 200 copies made for initial release. Please read our post about humidity and puzzle boxes if you are not sure about how to properly store this precision creation.



Customer Reviews

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So tiny but so pretty

We were lucky to grab the Aha Box as a last-minute buy during the Cyber Monday sale. We're so happy we did! The craftsmanship, as always, is superb. And it has to be to make such a gorgeous box at this tiny size! The other reviews suggest we're missing a simple revelation to get this thing open--which in itself should be a clue. But so far, we haven't had that epiphany yet!

I get it now...

You can only truly understand the aha box until you have solved it. Took me a bit of time to solve but it was worth it. It's sitting next to my other puzzle boxes looking pretty.

Frustratingly Easy Little Box

The "Aha Box" is well made, but the simplicity leaves much to be desired. I don't have any experience with puzzle boxes and this is my first purchase. I heard it was a good starting point for non puzzlers and I was looking forward to receiving the "Aha Box" because of the glowing reviews.

Unfortunately, I solved this puzzle box on my drive to work. My drive is less than 30 minutes and I only really touched the box at red lights for less than a minute or two at a time. There definitely was an "Aha moment," but it was expeditiously followed by, "Wait, that's it?" So, needless to say, I was a little let down after waiting a week for the box and solving it in a single sitting.

I'm less interested in puzzle boxes after my experience with the "Aha Box," and I suggest that cubicdissection add an average solve time to their puzzle descriptions or the review system. I understand the average solve time varies, but with over 200 boxes made/sold, there has to be an average solve time. If you know what to expect when you purchase it, you're less likely to feel let down.