Segmented Maze

DESIGNER: Benno de Grote
RELEASE DATE: 10.3.2022
EDITION: 74 Copies Released
SIZE: 6.1" x 3.9" x 1.75"

Benno's Segmented Maze puzzle box requires the solver to navigate a hidden labyrinth. Helpfully, the maze paths are engraved on the box's top. Sounds easy! Yet it is anything but.

Knowing the layout tells you where you need to go, but you'll have to pay careful attention to where you are. There are multiple traps, dead ends, and other complications to be navigated before you reach the goal. Once solved, the labyrinth is revealed beneath a transparent layer under the spacious cavity.

As with many of Benno's creations, this puzzle may not end where you expect it to. Finding the final prize will require ingenuity and perseverance.

Segmented Maze was carefully crafted from laser-cut Baltic birch plywood covered with custom-laid zebrawood and quilted maple veneer. This is not your ordinary laser-cut work; once assembled, we perform our customary final touches, which include hand-smoothing, beveling, and finishing with our proprietary waxed lacquer blend. The result is an extraordinary piece that exudes quality.

Segmented Maze ships in an unsolved configuration.

Our work is handcrafted to very precise tolerances and must be kept within the range of 40-60% relative humidity at all times. Failure to do so may cause inoperability or permanent damage.

Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation. We recommend an occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.

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