Reversible Maze Small

DESIGNER: Masumi Ohno
MATERIAL: Walnut and Birch Plywood
RELEASE DATE: 11.11.2020
EDITION: 83 Copies Released
SIZE: 3" x 3" x 1.75"

The Reversible Mazes by Ohno are very fun! These lattice-style structures have a starting point and an endpoint. The goal is to maneuver a shuttle from the beginning to the end. Typical of Ohno's designs, there are a ton of twists, turns, and surprising moves. Production required a combination of traditional woodworking and laser cutting.

This is the last of the small mazes; we will not make them again. The large maze will become available again in the near future.

83 copies available for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped unsoolved. 

Precision wood puzzles can be damaged by environmental changes. Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dustin R.
Can't have just one...

I really enjoyed this - nice example of fun to be had without significant difficulty. Construction is solid and is some of the finer lasercut/laminate work I own. Will be on the lookout for its big brother.

Interesting and clever design

This is a handsome wooden puzzle that's a bit different from what I normally like. It feels good in the hands and is just the right size to fiddle with without needing glasses, lol. It didn't take me long to figure out after putting a little analytical thought into it. However, it was very satisfying to solve and not difficult at all, but fun. I especially like the share-ability of this piece. Normally, most of my family is intimidated by my puzzle collection because most need so much focus time to solve. This one was a big hit and I loved watching others enjoy it while they figured it out. Average time was 10-15 minutes, which is perfect for those people that don't have the patience for a really deep puzzle experience, but still appreciate a good brain teaser. Great craftsmanship, as usual!


very cool little puzzle. I love the woodwork on this little gem but would also love to see it made from metal as I am leery of passing it around to people as it could break if someone tried to force a move too much. It seems sturdy but some people are just to rough. Love the always!

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