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Pack 3
Pack 3

Pack 3

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DESIGNER: Osanori Yamamoto
MATERIAL: Walnut, Tamerand
RELEASE DATE: 10.16.2018
EDITION: 57 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.66x1.92 (6.75x4.97cm)
COMMENTS: Pack 3 is a wonderful little gem of a packing puzzle by Mr. Yamamoto. The three pieces fit inside a 3x3x2 box with a very unusual opening.  There are two solutions, one trivial and the other tricky. The trivial solution puts the pieces in the box, while the tricky and intended solution is to put the pieces in as an apparent 3x3x2 with no holes showing from the opening. A wonderful concept, and it was nice to make another of his designs after so long.

Construction of this puzzle is very very good, with a solid wood box and mitered slipfeathers which contrast nicely. Fit is excellent, precise yet with room for humid climate expansion.

57 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.