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DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Ash, Wenge, Walnut, Stainless Steel
RELEASE DATE: 5.17.2019
EDITION: 90 Copies Released
SIZE: 3.00 Inches
COMMENTS: Multiball is a tricky new puzzle box with a deceptive solution. Four stainless bearings are trapped behind a small window, and must be dealt with to open the box. Panels slide, pins drop, and the box remains stubbornly closed. There is one and only one way to open this box...can you figure it out? The solution will not be what you think!

Construction of this puzzle is excellent, with sturdy shouldered joinery and a precise fit. As with all puzzle boxes, Multiball should be protected against abrupt changes in humidity and temperature, and should be stored in a climate controlled environment.

99 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

Customer Reviews

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Multiball and latest

I had opened Multiball and then loaned it to a friend when I read this had a much more elegant solution. I have now got it back and thought about my solution more carefully and then solved it in what I hope is the intended solution. A very clever mechanism!

If it wasn’t so beautiful, it might make me angry

It looks and feels like it was made by someone who was excited to know that someone would soon hold it, turn it this way and that, look at it upside down, and then place it back at the shell, shaking his or her head, admiring the excellent craftsmanship and perfect wood, different species complementing one another, as it is placed carefully back on its shelf to confuse (and eventually, hopefully, delight) another day.

Excellent craftsmanship and value

This puzzle box is amazing. I like that you can see enough of whats going to try to figure what else needs to happen in order to get the box open. Perfect level of challenge for me. Great looking high quality puzzle box. I’d expect nothing less from Cubicdissection!

Great Puzzle Box

Amazing little puzzle box that lets you see into some of its mechanics but still teases you by not granting you access to its inner chamber. Multiball had me scratching my head for some time, and then slowly revealed its secrets. Once solved I found that I did it the hard way and more head scratching lead me to a simpler method for gaining access. Eric's craftsmanship is excellent and this is a strong and sturdy puzzle box!