Logical Progression Interlocking Cube (Walnut)
Logical Progression Interlocking Cube (Walnut)
Logical Progression Interlocking Cube (Walnut)

Logical Progression Interlocking Cube (Walnut)

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DESIGNER: Rick Eason
MATERIAL: Walnut, Oak
RELEASE DATE: 9.3.2019 (Second Edition)
EDITION: 42 Copies Released
SIZE: 3"

Rick sent me this design a while ago and initially, I wasn't going to make it...all those holes are incredibly time-consuming to drill. He stepped in and helped with the drilling, so this is a true collaborative effort between designer and producer.

Logical Progression is a very unique cube. With only one solution which must be accomplished with serial assembly, it seems at first look that this puzzle will be a trial and error nightmare. However, the puzzle is designed such that scrutiny of the pieces will reveal their positional constraints; therefore the puzzle can be solved by analysis rather than guesswork.  More information can be found HERE.

Construction of this puzzle is very good, with an accurate fit. Because of all the dowels, the puzzle pieces are not overly tight, but pushing everything together once it's on the shelf shows the accuracy of the pieces...everything settles together and it displays quite nicely.

40 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled. It is extremely unlikely we will make this design again.

Customer Reviews

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Plain excellence!

No tricks, no chamfers, no polished finish. Just a great piece of logical thought by Mr. Eason skilfully realized by Mr. Fuller (with some assistance from Mr. Eason). A put-together puzzle which comes already assembled??? Don't worry about that because once disassembled you will need to use the on-line instructions (really...) or figure out the logic!
A wonderful piece which I am VERY happy to have bought.

Precision at its finest

This puzzle is a nice generous size and nothing is out of place. All the edges are straight and square. The pieces fit so well it is hard to see where one starts and ends. The precision remains bang on with all the pegs and holes lining up perfectly. This accuracy makes this puzzle a joy to solve. You can devote all your concentration to the logical process required. This is great!

The Logical Progression Cube is beautiful!

This puzzle is beautifully constructed, beautifully designed and it is driving me nuts! Highly recommended.