Harun Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Dr. Volker Latussek
MATERIAL: Black Limba, Zebrano
RELEASE DATE: 8.6.2019
EDITION: 56 Copies Released
SIZE: 3" x 3" x 2.5"

Another brilliant packing puzzle by the designer of the award winning "Casino" puzzle, Harun is a tricky assembly. Six notched sticks and six small planks pack into the box two different ways. The solution is trickier than is apparent given the simple pieces.

Construction of this puzzle is excellent, with a precise fit which displaces a cushion of air when the entire assembly is dropped in at once.

56 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped unsolved.


This item is sold out and no longer available. Our Marketplace is the best source for discontinued work. We occasionally revisit discontinued designs at our sole discretion and do not accept requests or one-off commissions.

To ensure the proper continued operation and fit of your puzzles, please check out our product care guide. We recommend an occasional polishing with Renaissance Wax to keep wood puzzles in top condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris T.

Dr Latussek has another great design, beautifully brought to life by Eric Fuller.
Appearing deceptively simple, the frustration of slotting 4x2 and 4x1 pieces into a 5x5x5 space soon becomes apparent.
Randomly poking and slotting bits around each other (which works well for Casino!) is of no use here.
A couple of Aha! moments lead to a very elegant and satisfying solution. (Found one, yet to seek out the other...)
I enjoyed this even more than Casino.
Fantastic work Eric!

Thelonious C.
Packing puzzle? Sequential movement?

I've only just had time to make a preliminary foray with this one, but it's quite daunting so far. I expect it will be similar to Casino in that there will be some jockeying for position even once I figure out the configuration of the pieces.

As always the woodwork is superlative and the choice of wood makes you want to pick it up and play with it

Latussek also has a recent puzzle called Dunant that seems similar

Surprisingly challenging!

Okay, I expect every packing puzzle to be a challenge. But you start to get a feel for what works and what won't, and how to get there. THIS puppy doesn't give you much of a chance with that! Twelve pieces total gives a lot of possibilities...

You might think that because the box is completely open at the top that things would be easier, as you don't have to worry about order and rotations and such. But no! Since you have no restrictions on what pieces can just drop in, and how (subject to what you have in there already, of course), things are actually more complex...

Fit and finish are superb, as expected and as always delivered. Eric has done his usual stellar job of micrometric dimensioning (respect, dude). It took me DAYS to find one solution, and although I know it shares one helpful feature with the other solution, I'm taking a breather before going back!

Definitely worth the coin. Definitely see why it got such positive attention at IPP'19.

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