Half Lid Box
Half Lid Box
Half Lid Box

Half Lid Box

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DESIGNER: Hajime Katsumoto
MATERIAL: Maple/Walnut
SIZE: 2.7” x 1.8” (6.86 x 4.57cm)

The artisan series is being discontinued; once these puzzles are gone they will not be remade.

Half Lid Box by the famous Hajime Katsumoto is a similar challenge to Obstacle Box. With only two layers and one slider, you'd think it was easier. You'd be thinking wrong in this case...while there are fewer pieces, the smaller opening necessitates rotational moves which greatly complicate assembly.

Construction of this puzzle is very sturdy with shouldered edges and milled, solid pieces. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.

Customer Reviews

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Admission Restricted -- Fun For The Entire Family!

I love packing puzzles with a restricted opening. Hajime has created an elegant design, and Eric has crafted a wonderful puzzle. This is the type of puzzle to leave on the coffee table.

Tricky and fun

A very well-designed and beautifully made puzzle - tricky and challenging, but not impossibly difficult. Lots of replay value and a great gift.

Another ripper

Half-lid is another beautifully crafted puzzle with a tricky non-intuitive but readily reached solution; possibly a tad easier than 4-L but just as satisfying; the moveable half lid is a genius twist; tolerances on the puzzle are perfect.
Thanks Eric!

Half Lid but a complete challenge

How hard can a puzzle with only 5 pieces be? When you throw in rotational moves and a slider that grants access to only half of the box at once you would be surprised. This puzzle will frustrate until you have a great ah-ha moment as the pieces slide smoothly into place. The construction is perfect with exacting fit for the pieces so there is no room to cheat.

Always amazing!

The tolerances are great! No room to cheat! Eric always makes amazing puzzles and I try to get one from every update. I got my half lid box as soon as it came out as part of the artisan series because I didn't get the signature version. So glad I did.