Feed The Monkey

DESIGNER: Steve Nicholls, Ali Morris
MATERIAL: Brass, Aluminum
SIZE: 3.5" x 1.25" x 1.25" (7 cm)

Feed The Monkey is the first packing puzzle from the (in)famous Two Brass Monkeys collaboration. The goal is simply to feed all the bananas to your monkey so that none are left sticking out of his or her mouth. The solution is deceptive and unexpected, and I think for a first try they have nailed it!

The construction of this puzzle is impressive. Solid brass ends cap an aluminum core, with bananas made from very accurate and nicely milled brass stock. The feel and heft of this puzzle speak to its quality.

Male and female monkies are available; they are identical other than the engraving.

A video review by Mr. Puzzle can be found here (WARNING: Video contains solution spoilers). Allard wrote a great review of this puzzle in his Puzzling Times Blog

Handling Metal Puzzles
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