DDD Burr Set (2020)

DESIGNER: DDD Burr Set by Darryl Adams / Bryan Turner / Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Aluminum burr pieces in a Padauk box, or Brass burr pieces in a Leopardwood box
RELEASE DATE: 10.1.2020
EDITION: 151 Copies Released
SIZE: 2.625" x 2.0625" x 2"

This collaboration is one I've been looking forward to for a while. Darryl designed this excellent 12 piece set, with pieces precision machined in either brass or aluminum by Bryan and contained inside a precision-crafted box by Fuller. Darryl describes the burr set below: 

"In the 1970s, Bill Cutler published a complete summary of the solid 6-piece burrs that could be formed from "notchable" pieces. He presented a set of 42 pieces that would make all 314 solid, notchable puzzles. I wanted a smaller set. One that was easy to make (notchable) and also allows enough interesting puzzles to guide a user through puzzles of increasing difficulty. I call this set "DDD" for "Darryl's Dense Dozen" (or to my kids, "Dad's Dense Dozen). The set is "dense" in that it makes a lot of puzzles:
There are 24 solid puzzles
There are 530 total puzzles (the additional 506 have empty hidden holes)
There are 42 puzzles with only one solution"

PDF directions for DDD Burr Set can be found here. The Burrtools file for the complete set can be found here. PuzzleMad has written a very fine blog review of this puzzle.

151 Total copies available for sale, each signed and dated. 75 copies in Brass/ Leopardwood, 76 copies in Aluminum/ Padauk. This puzzle is shipped disassembled.

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