Star of David

RELEASED: 2008-1-10
PRODUCED: Approx. 12 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
CRAFTSMAN: Scott Peterson
MATERIAL: Bubinga / Goncalo Alves / Paduak
COMMENTS: The Star of David puzzle was designed by Stewart Coffin, originally starting around 1981 and improved in 1990. This particular reproduction of the puzzle is the 1990 improved version of the Star of David, #37-A by Stewart Coffin's numbering system. The assembled shapes for both versions are the same, but pieces for the improved version are somewhat simpler, and the improved version of the puzzle is apparently more confusing than the original. This puzzle is yet another of Mr. Coffin's wonderful puzzles which can be assembled to make different polyhedral shapes. The puzzle consists of four differently shaped pieces, two of them with identical pairs, for a total of six pieces. Among the descriptive assemblies are the six-pointed Star column (giving the puzzle its name), the Spiral, and Squat solutions. The Spiral assembly can be made with both a clockwise and counter-clockwise spiral pattern. The photos show the puzzle assembled in the Star assembly. This subset of puzzles which can be assembled multiple ways are among Scott's favorites since even after all of the descriptive shapes are solved, many more hours of enjoyment can be gained through exploring the numerous ?nondescript? shapes that can also be assembled. This was not an easy puzzle to make, but it has been on Scott's list for long enough it is about time he got around to making them!
SIZE: 3"

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