Cartesian Wallet (2013)

RELEASED: 3.27.2013
PRODUCED: ~40 Copies
DESIGNER: Akio Yamamoto
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Buffalo Calf Split Leather
COMMENTS: The cartesian wallet returns for a limited time! These sold out a while back but I had several requests for them so I decided to make another batch. This time I was able to find a nicer, more supple leather that's also slightly thinner. Frankly these are tedious to make so I'm doing this one batch and once they're gone they're gone - I don't plan on making more in the immediate future. Here's the story on them...

Akio and I were having a beer during IPP in Prague in 2008 and he showed me his interesting and VERY cool business card case. It is a single piece of leather, precisely cut, which folds into a case. It's not only beautifully designed, it is also very functional. I started carrying one around, mostly because I had just made it, thinking that it would be replaced by my good old money clip in a week or so. To my surprise, I actually like this case better! So, not only is it a functional design, you can pull your cards out and unfold it in a couple seconds and toss it to your friends to play with. I've had great feedback on this item just carrying it around the last couple weeks and showing it to people. Each Cartesian Wallet is precision cut on a laser. While the laser does do the cutting, there is a lot of hand finishing work done, making them fairly labor intensive to make. Each is bears the cubicdissection logo on the inside.

SIZE: 1"x3x5"x5x5" (in package)

This item is sold out and no longer available. Our Marketplace is the best source for discontinued work. We occasionally revisit discontinued designs at our sole discretion and do not accept requests or one-off commissions.

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