Brass Monkey Five

DESIGNER: Steve Nicholls, Ali Morris
MATERIAL: Brass, Stainless Steel
SIZE: 2.75"

Brass Monkey Five takes you deeper down the rabbit hole of Steve and Ali's devious minds! Somehow, they have managed to again up the ante while using the same format as BM 1 through 4. A single hole and a ring at the end of each piece differentiate it from previous Brass Monkey designs.

Despite the similar appearance, BM5 uses completely new tricks to hide its secrets. It is a puzzler's puzzle, perfect for fooling collectors who think they have seen it before. It looks like a standard interlocking Burr. It isn't!

Like previous Brass Monkey puzzles, BM5 weighs almost 1.1 lbs. Each piece is 2.75" with a .75" diameter. Please note that the hues of the pieces of this puzzle may differ slightly when you first receive it. This puzzle was manufactured over a somewhat longer timeframe than other puzzles, causing some parts to have naturally tarnished more than others. These differences will normalize with a bit of time.

Handling Metal Puzzles
All metals tarnish over time. Residual oil and salt from handling speed up the process and may leave undesirable fingerprints. Occasional use of our Metal Puzzle Polishing Kit with a coat of Renaissance Wax will keep your metal puzzles in tip-top shape!

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