Boston Subway

DESIGNER: Oskar van Deventer
RELEASE DATE: 10.3.2022
SIZE: 3.1" x 3.1" x 0.75"

The Boston Subway was designed by Oskar van Deventer and was Dave Rossetti's IPP26 Exchange gift in 2006. This pocket-sized maze was crafted from five layers of chromatic acrylic, making it tricky to see where and how the layers interact. The original release, as crafted by George Miller, included a 3D printed wand with an embedded magnet to help guide the ball through the maze. Our version also includes the wand, but conceals it a bit better.

The goal of Boston Subway is to navigate the trapped sphere magnet from the start of the maze to the finish and back again. While there are several routes, the shortest will require you to "transfer" more than a dozen times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jeff R.
Beautiful and Unique

This puzzle is simply a very unique and beautiful puzzle. It's rare to have a maze type puzzle and still have an aha moment but this puzzle delivers on both. Nice pocket sized puzzle that can be picked up and put back down easily. Cubic Dissection shipped the puzzle right away and packaged everything nicely.

George K.
Still working it!

Still looking for the wand...

A vision test!

This puzzle is gorgeous and well-made. The ball bearing is tiny and I found it quite difficult to follow it. This is a visual maze, and the small size and glare make it even more confusing. It took me quite a while to locate the wand, this helps a lot.

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