Blah Box Recall Instructions

STOP! This page contains solution spoilers for the Blah Box!

Do not keep reading if this will spoil your solving experience!

Blah Box Recall Instructions


Please follow the instructions to remove a small metal pin from inside the box. The pin you will remove is attracted to magnets. You will replace it with the Replacement Pin which is not attracted to magnets.

Step 1: Remove the End Piece

Position the puzzle so the end which does not have a hole in it is facing up. Now push down on the corner until the end pops up. You have to try every corner and press hard!



When the end pops up, remove the panel. You will see it has a magnet on one side.



Step 2: Open the Box

Position the box so that the panel with two small holes is facing up. 

Place the End Panel you removed against the hole in the other end. It will be attracted by a magnet and stay in place. Put the Replacement Pin into the larger hole on top and push the pin down.



Slide the Top Panel open until it stops. Remove the pin. Then slide the Top Panel further until it stops again.



Now put the Replacement Pin in the smaller hole. Slide the panel over again. 



Remove the pin from the hole and slide the lid open.



Step 3: Replace the Pin

Inside the box you will see a small pin sticking to the side. This is the magnetic pin.



Remove the magnetic pin.

Put the Replacement Pin (the one you used to open the puzzle) inside the box. It should not stick to the magnet!


Step 4: Close the Box

Slide the Top Panel closed. It should lock so you can not open the box any more.

If the Top Panel does not lock, make sure the Top Panel is pushed all the way closed. Then tap the bottom of the box on your hand with medium force. Now the box should be locked.

Put the End Panel back in place. Now you are finished!

Please dispose of the magnetic pin you removed - do not give it to the puzzle solver!

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