Enter If You Can - The Art of Puzzle Boxes

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AUTHOR: Peter Hajek
RELEASE DATE: 10.18.2021
EDITION: 700 Standard Copies Released
SIZE: 11.25" x 8.75" x 0.625"

The richly illustrated hardback book covers the history of secret opening boxes, including their fascinating history:

  • Their flourishing at the turn of the 19th and 20th Century in England, Japan and Switzerland;
  • The work of the three pioneers of puzzle box art – Wood, Chambers and Kamei;
  • The greatest achievements of modern masters currently active in Japan, America, Europe and Australia.

There are also sections on puzzle box secrets, puzzle locks, and the current ‘puzzle scene’.

Three important notes:

1. Books are shipped in separate packages from any puzzles in the same order, to prevent damage to more fragile items during transit. You will receive tracking information for each package.

2. The book is also available from Pelikan. Buyers from the US will save on postage by buying the book here, those from the rest of the world will save on postage by buying from the Pelikan site.

3. An edition locked with a trick lock by Shane Hales will be available from the Pelikan site only, probably in September. The estimated cost is $136 (€114) plus postage. This note is issued so that collectors wanting the locked version do not unnecessarily buy the standard copy.

Altogether, 700 standard copies and 300 locked copies were printed. If the current edition sells out, a second updated edition will be issued.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tyler B.
Buy this book.

Peter Hajek has put together a beautiful book. Even though I have been collecting puzzle boxes for 37+ years, I learned a number of things. I particularly liked his take on what makes a good puzzle and his brief classification of puzzle boxes based on solving approach. If you collect puzzles, get this book

Michael T.
Enter you should!

Besides being a gorgeous and well-constructed book, Peter has done an incredible job combining beauty and information into an easily readable yet vastly informative reference. The book is amazingly up-to-date with recently released puzzles, yet runs through the origins of puzzle boxes with which many modern collectors are unfamiliar. This book should go down as one of the classic puzzle collector references, on the same shelf as the puzzle reference books by Jerry Slocum and Edward Hordern.

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