Pygmy & Marmoset

DESIGNER: Two Brass Monkeys
SIZE: 1.375" x 1.75" (45x45x36mm)

Pygmy and Marmoset are the latest Interlocking Burr creations by Ali Morris and Steve Nicholls (collectively known as Two Brass Monkeys). Steve and Ali hide their creative genius behind trickster personas; their product's quality is often belied by a lighthearted presentation. Don't be fooled...candy and primate pictures notwithstanding, their puzzles rank among the best in the world.

Named after the smallest monkey in the animal Kingdom, the Pygmy Marmoset, these small puzzles nonetheless feel dense and heavy when assembled thanks to their solid brass construction. Both have thirteen pieces and share an identical shape yet have very different solutions. Pygmy construction allows for a more straightforward determination of piece placement but is more challenging to assemble. Marmoset comes together with less effort but is more of a challenge to determine positioning and order. Both are difficult, and neither yields its secrets easily.

Small-batch crafted in Hertfordshire from solid 9mm brass rod, Pygmy and Marmoset have an overall size of 45x45x36mm and weigh just over half a pound. The quality of machining is superlative, and the fit is sublime. Once the last piece glides into place, the assembly feels entirely solid rather than assembled from individual components.

Pygmy and Marmoset ship unassembled.

Handling Metal Puzzles
All metals tarnish over time. Residual oil and salt from handling speed up the process and may leave undesirable fingerprints. Occasional use of our Metal Puzzle Polishing Kit with a coat of Renaissance Wax will keep your metal puzzles in tip-top shape!

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