Brass Monkey Three

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DESIGNER: Steve Nicholls, Ali Morris
MATERIAL: Brass, Stainless Steel
SIZE: 2.75" (7 cm)

Nearly identical in appearance to Brass Monkey One and Two, Brass Monkey Three is significantly more difficult than its brethren. Steve and Ali's second collaborative design, this puzzle is perfect for fooling those who think they have seen it before. It looks like a standard interlocking Burr. It isn't.

Just two rings engraved on the end of each piece differentiates it from Brass Monkey One (no rings) and Brass Monkey Two (one ring). Like the first couple of puzzles, it weighs almost 800g (1.1 lbs). Each piece is 70mm long and has a diameter of 19mm.

It makes a perfect triplet with Brass Monkey One and Brass Monkey Two.

Handling Metal Puzzles
While all metals tarnish over time, residual oil and salt from handling speeds up the process and leaves fingerprints. An individually packaged metal cleansing cloth is included with each metal puzzle sold on Cubicdissection. Metal Puzzle Polishing Kits which contain a larger cleansing cloth and microfiber polishing towel are also available.

Customer Reviews

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Deceptively tricky

I assumed this would be a relatively straight forward puzzle. Yet, upon picking it up, I quickly realized the solution wasn't as obvious as I anticipated. Really enjoyed the solve, and I would definitely recommend!

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