Parasitic Burr

DESIGNER: Tyler Hudson
MATERIAL: Jatoba & Ash or Maple, Purpleheart, Jatoba & Black Limba
RELEASE DATE: 2023.06.20
EDITION: 63 Copies Made
SIZE: 2.625"

We are excited to work with another new designer Tyler Hudson for this release. Parasitic Burr is an eight-piece burr in the disguise of a traditional six-piece burr shape, done in an ingeniously simple way. Six standard burr pieces interlock around two identical tetracube pieces which are hidden inside the belly of the final assembly. The unique solution is an approachable level 3, and figuring out the correct placement of the smaller inside pieces makes it a very fun assembly puzzle. Look out for more of Tyler's burr designs in upcoming months.

Construction was made in two different wood species varieties. One made from a dense and figured board of Jatoba with Ash internal pieces, and the other with Maple, Purpleheart and Jatoba burr pieces with Black Limba internal pieces.

63 copies are available for this release, each signed and dated.  Parasitic Burr ships in a disassembled configuration.

Precision wood puzzles can be damaged by environmental changes. Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation.

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