Tube It In Packing Puzzle

DESIGNER: Wil Strijbos
MATERIAL: Purpleheart, Ash, Leopardwood, Birds Eye Maple, Zebrawood, Tamerindo, Cherry, Yellowheart, Wenge, Sapele, Rosewood, Paduak, Walnut, Black Limba
RELEASE DATE: 9.3.2019
EDITION: 89 Copies Released
SIZE: 2" x 1.375" x 1.5"

This is the second edition of Tube It In, originally released in 2016. This edition is dimensionally the same, with different woods and the addition of magnets to keep the puzzle assembled once solved.

Tube It In is a classic design by Wil Strijbos. To solve it you have to take the various small rectangular pieces and pack them all inside each other. Wil originally made it with small cut sections of metal pipe! What an original and fun idea, still unique to this day. The puzzle itself is moderately tricky and fun to solve.

Construction of this puzzle was painstaking. Each piece is strengthened with shouldered joinery on the edges and then beveled all the way around. On such small pieces, this was very tricky indeed. Furthermore, the original metal puzzle had different thickness pieces, which meant that the wooden version with uniform thickness pieces required a near-total redesign.

89 total copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

Mr. Puzzle made a very nice video review ** Spoiler Warning - this link contains the puzzle's solution** found here


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Size does not matter

Being a bit new in the mechanical puzzle world from what I saw I knew that I wanted to acquire a Wil Strijbos puzzle. Seeing it made in different woods was an instant buy in my head and it's definitely worth it.
At firts I was a bit surprised about his size cause I obviously didn't took any attention about it. But then I just opened it, mixed the pieces without looking at the initial display and enjoyed solving it as my first packing puzzle. It was a good initiation in my opinion with interesting positioning and not that difficult at the same time.
In term of craftmanship there's nothing to say it's just wonderful. On the most little pieces you have to look very carefully to see how pieces are made. Every part is a pleasure to manipulate and I especially like the little magnet to keep things together when solved.

A simple, elegant puzzle beautifully crafted

Tube It In is a quick little puzzle but I find myself going back to it a lot since I bought it. The solve is really satisfying and all the pieces are unique but fit VERY tightly together. Being only 2 inches at the longest side, these 14 small pieces are proof that this was made by a master craftsmen.

Expert Craftsmanship

I recently bought the Tube It In puzzle and was astonished at the level of craftsmanship especially on the tiny pieces, it's incredible even by Cubic Dissection standards. I can't recommend the Team over at CD enough, their work is world class and you'll never go wrong with anything they offer.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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