Psycho Disks

DESIGNER: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Aluminum and brass
RELEASE DATE: 6.27.2022
SIZE: 1.2" x 2.4"

Psycho Disks was inspired by Phil Wigfield's excellent "Spinning Tumblers" design. Eric received a copy for his collection and thought the concept could be significantly expanded. With Phil's approval, he set to work. The result is a combination Take-Apart and Fidget Toy puzzle that's wickedly difficult to solve!

To open Psycho Disks, you must decipher the internal maze and successfully navigate to the end. Once opened, the solver can rearrange the disks to create different challenges! The included quick reset tool minimizes downtime for maximal solve-time.

Psycho Disks is custom machined from solid aluminum and brass at quality in keeping with our high standards here at Cubicdissection. Tolerances are very tight, giving the puzzle a precise fit and feel.

Reviews and Blog Posts:

Handling Metal Puzzles
All metals tarnish over time. Residual oil and salt from handling speed up the process and may leave undesirable fingerprints. Occasional use of our Metal Puzzle Polishing Kit with a coat of Renaissance Wax will keep your metal puzzles in tip-top shape!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Parri M.
Great display piece on the desk

Amazing craftsmanship. Looks wonderful on the desk and fun to just play with. As always, CD exceeds quality expectations !

Intriguing, alluring, addictive. You will doubt your sanity.

If you are a fan of maze and sequential puzzles such as Titan or Revomaze, this is a must have puzzle.
This puzzle will make you doubt your sanity. It's highly addictive. There were times I was convinced it was unsolvable. Replay value is high as you can re-arrange the order for a different challenge.

Very cool little puzzle

Puzzle wasn’t terribly difficult but it’s fun to play with and really well made. I also really like how after you solve it you can reorder the disks and make a new puzzle to solve.

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