One Match Left

DESIGNER: Jorgos Anastasou
MATERIAL: African Mahogany Box, Wenge & Morado Pieces; Quartersawn Sycamore box, Purpleheart & Yellowheart pieces; Quartersawn Sycamore Box, Bloodwood & Yellowheart Pieces
RELEASE DATE: 2023.06.20
EDITION: 66 Copies Made
SIZE: 3.06" x 2.49" x 1.63" 

One Match Left is a new three piece framed burr by Jorgos Anastasou. It is our first time working with Jorgos and we plan to bring more of his great interlocking designs to our future releases. The puzzle is a moderately difficult level 6.7.2 disassembly challenge, and with a unique solution reassembly is fun to determine the position of the small match piece trapped inside the seven unit burr pieces and frame.

The frame construction features shoulder joinery with smooth rounded edges which added more hand work but the results bring a great amount of playability, and bring out the endgrain of the Quartersawn Sycamore and African Mahogany. 

66 copies are available for this release, each signed and dated.  One Match Left ships in an assembled configuration.

Precision wood puzzles can be damaged by environmental changes. Please read the Caring for Wood Puzzles guide to ensure proper fit and operation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Parri M.
Gorgeous puzzle. Not as easy as it might look…

Incredibly beautiful puzzle. Just the right size to fiddle with. Once apart , it’s kept me guessing for several hours so far trying to get it back together again. Best for of puzzle frustration out there since you know a 15 step burr should be doable without a computer but is hard enough to keep you going for quite a while if you don’t carefully remember the disassembly.

Dale B.
Fun Burr

One Match Left is a fun and easy burr puzzle which is refreshing in a burr. The movements for removing the last match are fun to perform. Then even a dreadful sorry burr puzzle solver like me was able to remove and restore the two interlocking pieces. It's my burr example since I have no others. One Match Left is also beautiful and pleasant to hold. The beauty is the African Mahogany box, Wenge burrs and Morado match; the smooth edges give it an enjoyable tactility. Makes a great quick share puzzle too!

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